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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

In keeping with the mission, vision, and values of the University of Colorado Denver, qualified students are encouraged to pursue mentored research as part of their undergraduate education.  As a student, the benefits to you are numerous.  You will enhance your critical thinking skills and refine your communication skills, while applying theory, concepts, and techniques learned in the traditional classroom.  Furthermore, you can expect to acquire knowledge that transcends classroom study, while obtaining unique insights into the life sciences.  The process of doing research can also help you to clarify professional interests and goals, while exploring new career opportunities.  Other tangible benefits include developing a close, professional relationship with a CU Denver faculty mentor, while enhancing your academic and professional credentials, thereby better positioning you to secure a job or admission to a graduate or other professional program upon graduation.

At CU Denver, you may be qualified to obtain research experience either through independent study or through internships, for which you will earn credit that may be applied to your biology degree.  In addition, some students may be eligible for paid positions (work study, for example). For more information and a printable pdf. please click here​