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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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The Swallow Lab


Current Lab Members
Andrew Bubak          M.S. Student               
Andrew Luxon           M.S. Student     
Nathan Reiger           M.S. Student
Lab Alumni
Former Postdoctoral Fellows
Yoni Brandt                 V. Assist. Prof.           North Central College
Jerry Husak                Assist. Prof                 Dept. of Biology, St. Thomas University
Gal Ribak                    Post doc                     Dept. of Aerospace Engineering, Technion
Lisa Wallace               Assist. Prof                Dept. of Biological Sciences, Mississippi State University
Former Ph.D. Students
Rebecca Schultz                Assoc. Prof.         Dept. of Exercise Science, University of Sioux Falls
Robert Parrish Waters      Post doc               Berlin Mouse Clinic
Former M.S. Students
Alison Egge                PhD Student                 Kansas State University
Ronald Pringle            PhD Student                College of Veterinary Medicine, Mississippi State
Amy Worthington        PhD Student                Iowa State University
Aleksandra Wróblewska                                 Krakow, Poland