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How to Apply

How to Apply

The Application Process

Deadline for completed applications
(Please note, the Department has only one application period each year for the Fall Semester).

Domestic Students: January 15

International Students: January 15

Application Process

Application to the Biology M.S. program is through the University Admissions Office. There students will find detailed instruction on how to apply. Complete applications will consist of the University Graduate Application, three letters of reference (minimum of two must be academic); official transcripts (​Mail transcripts to: Graduate School Biology Programs, UCD, P.O. Box 173364, CB 163, Denver, CO 80217); and the University application fee.

Students who have been admitted to a graduate program, but NEVER enrolled for courses, must go through the regular online process for admission.

Students who were previously admitted and enrolled, but have not registered for three consecutive semesters, must apply for readmission. This requires submission of Part I of the graduate admission form to their department or program along with the application fee. Those who have not been active for more than four years must complete the full application process. For more information, please click here.

Admission Requirements

The following criteria must be met for consideration for admission to the Biology M.S. program:

  • A BA/BS from an accredited institution awarded within the last 10 years (validation of current content may be required).
  • Minimum undergraduate GPA: 3.0
  • General GRE test: minimum 50% performance in each section (verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing). GRE scores must be sent directly to the University by the GRE testing service. GRE test cannot be substituted by any other testing, i.e. MCAT or DAT scores
  • Subject GRE test: not required
  • Declared area of specialization that coincides with a Biology Graduate Faculty member's area of expertise

Prerequisite courses required:

  • Two semesters of general biology (lecture and laboratory)
  • Two semesters of any combination of chemical, physical or mathematical sciences
  • One semester of applied or biological statistics  
  • Additional prerequisite requirements may be set by individual faculty. If you are interested in working with a particular faculty member(s), please contact the faculty member to learn of any additional requirements.
  • Identifying an Area of Specialization

    A required aspect of the application for the Biology M.S. program is the identification of an area of specialization. All students must declare an area of specialization to emphasize in both their research and coursework while in the Biology M.S. program. Areas of specialization available to students correspond with the expertise of Biology Graduate Faculty. Note that the research by Biology Graduate Faculty may not satisfy the interests of all students. As such, the Biology M.S. program may not be able to meet all students’ needs.

    Students interested in applying to the Biology M.S. program should refer to the research profiles of the Biology Graduate Faculty. Upon review, the student should identify a faculty member(s) with expertise in the student’s desired area of specialization. The student should then contact the faculty member of interest to pursue opportunities for joining his/her program. All students must have an invitation to apply to a given faculty member’s program PRIOR to application to the Biology M.S. program.

    Application Review Process

    All applications are reviewed by the Biology Graduate Faculty. Applications are first reviewed for admission to the Biology M.S. program (meeting or exceeding the admission requirements below). Upon programmatic review, promising applications are forwarded for review for admission to the identified faculty member’s laboratory. Admission to the Biology M.S. program and to an individual faculty member’s laboratory is a competitive process, and in some cases, students meeting the minimum criteria below may not be admitted. Meeting or exceeding the admission requirements set forth by the program or an individual faculty member is not a guarantee of admission.