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The Department wants to thank all our speakers for their contributions this semester and also everyone who attended for their participation! We will be announcing the 2018 Spring Seminar Series as soon as our speaker line up has been finalized.​


Chris Miller and Adrienne Narrowe publish on microbially produced methane in wetlands

Biology PhD student Adrienne Narrowe and Assistant Professor Department of Integrative Biology Christopher S. Miller contributed to a recent publication in Nature Communications showing that microbially produced methane in a freshwater wetland is produced in parts of the wetland where it was previously assumed no methane was coming from, from a novel methane-producing archaea (microbe).  Previously, it was assumed that no methanogenesis could happen in oxygenated soils, but we show this is not true.  This has implications for global models of methane emissions.​



Andrew Boddicker CLAS Outstanding MS Student for Fall 2017

Andrew Boddicker has been selected CLAS Outstanding MS Student for Fall 2017.  Support for his nomination included excellent grades, original research leading to presentations and manuscripts, awards, impressive teaching experience, and a long history of service.  Andrew completed his thesis under the direction of Dr. Annika Mosier, whose Environmental Microbiology Laboratory he joined in Fall 2015.  While Andrew’s research interests broadly include environmental microbiology, he conducted thesis research on bacteria that relieve nutrient pollution in streams.  Specifically, he cultured four novel organisms and sequenced their genomes, which represented the first genomes ever sequenced from Nitrotaga, a genus of nitrite-oxidizing bacteria.  He has submitted one paper to Frontiers in Microbiology, which publishes rigorously peer-reviewed research from across the entire spectrum of microbiology, and is currently preparing another manuscript entitled “Cultivation and Genomic Sequencing of Novel Nitrite-Oxidizing Bacteria.”  Andrew has received two awards acknowledging and supporting his research from the Rocky Mountain Branch of the American Society of Microbiology​

Jared Mastin Published in Plant Systematics and Evolution​

Jared Mastin (BS 2013, MS 2017) recently published “Evidence for genetic allopolyploidy in Eutrema edwardsii (Brassicaceae): implications for conservation” in the international journal Plant Systematics and Evolution.  The paper, which is co-authored by Leo P Bruederle (Associate Professor, Integrative Biology) and Peter Anthamatten (Associate Professor, Geography and Environmental Sciences), grew out of research initiated while Jared was an undergraduate at CU Denver.  Therein, they document the evolutionary origin of the Edward’s mock wallflower, a near circumpolar arctic-alpine species, whose closest relative is Eutrema penlandii, a federally listed endemic that is restricted in distribution to the Mosquito Range of Colorado​