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About Us


About Us

The unique intellectual challenge of anthropology is to integrate knowledge from many disciplines for a global understanding of cultural and biological diversity in the past and the present.  Individual courses in cultural anthropology, biological anthropology and archaeology cut across lines of the humanities, social and natural sciences. The anthropology program is designed around the production of theoretically aware practitioners who are competent to carry out skilled work, and are trained in the theory and concepts that allow them to improve upon the status quo. Our department's greatest strengths are our transdisciplinary ties with other university departments, schools and centers, which provide wide-ranging opportunities for research and placement of graduates.

Why Anthropology 

Why Anthropology

Anthropology is the cross-cultural study of humanity in all its facetsbiological, cultural and linguisticand over time. Our small but exceptional program produces theoretically sophisticated practitioners at the intersection of health, politics and the environment, regardless of time or place.



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