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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Anthropology Department

Faculty & Staff


Full-time Faculty

Christopher Beekman , Associate Professor (Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, 1996)

Archaeological Theory and Method, Nonlinear Systems Theory, Mesoamerican Archaeology, Political Systems and Ideology of Rulership, Landscape, Traditional Agriculture; Mesoamerica, esp. West Mexico

Telephone: (303) 556-6040

John Brett, Associate Professor (Ph.D. University of California Berkeley & San Francisco, 1994)

Nutritional anthropology; microfinance; ethnobotany; evolutionary medicine; evaluation research and methods; Mexico, Andean South America; Southwest U.S.

Telephone: (303) 556-8497

Sarah Horton

Sarah Horton, Assistant Professor (Ph.D., University of New Mexico, 2003)

Medical anth, globalization, migration and transnationalism; US Latinos, US Southwest, Mexico.

Telephone: (303) 556-6083

Stephen Koester, Professor and Chair  (Ph.D., University of Colorado at Boulder, 1986)

Applied and urban medical anthropology; development and resource management; ubran anthropology; anthropology of drug use; Caribbean; U.S.

Telephone: (303) 556-6795

Charles Musiba, Assistant Professor (Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1999)

Paleoanthropology, paleoecology; East Africa.

Telephone: (303) 556-6082

Marty Otanez

Marty Otaez, Assistant Professor (Ph.D., University of California-Irvine, 2004)

Political ecology, visual ethnography, media production, labor studies, health policy, field methods; Southern Africa.

Telephone: (303) 556-6606

Professor Riel-Salvatore

Julien Riel-Salvatore, Assistant Professor (Ph.D., Arizona State University, 2007)

Paleolithic archaeology, hunter-gatherers, Neanderthals, modern human origins, human-environment interactions, lithic analysis; Europe, esp. Italy.

Telephone: (303) 556-2621

Tammy Stone , Professor (Ph.D., Arizona State University, 1992).

Southwestern archaeology; architecture; aggregation; ethnicity; settlement patterns; non-linear modeling; Southwest US.

Telephone: (303) 556-3063

David P. Tracer, Professor (Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1991)

Biological anthropology; human ecology; nutrition; fertility; adaptation; growth and development; game theory, decision-making; Papua New Guinea

Telephone: (303) 556-6792

Emeritus Faculty

Duane Quiatt, Professor (Ph.D., University of Colorado-Boulder, 1966)

Biological anthropology, primatology; evolutionary biology.

Telephone: (303) 556-2676

 Part-time and Adjunct Faculty

Dave Ruppert (Ph.D. University of Arizona, 1979)

Cultural Anthropology, Southeast Asia, Western United States. Presently Program Manager for Ethnography in the Intermountain Support office of the National Park Service.

E-mail: Dave

Jean Scandlyn (Ph.D., Columbia, 1993)

Healing and ritual; community based health care delivery; adolescence; migration; gender and anthropology; North America, Latin America, Southeast Asia.



Tiffany Terneny (Ph.D., U of Texas-Austin, 2005)

South Texas archaeology; historic/prehistoric archaeology; mortuary archaeology; bioarchaeology; osteology; lithic analysis; forensic anthropology.

Telephone: (303) 556-6607

Sue Woods (Ph.D., Colorado, 1992).

Biological anthropology; primatology,especially behavior, captive husbandry and enrichment, gorillas and other great apes.

Telephone: (303) 556-2676