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Faculty & Staff Directory

Kathleen Bollard, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Spanish

Email: Kathleen Bollard
Office Location: Plaza 118 U
Phone: (303) 556-5825
Fax: (303) 556-6038
Office hours: Tuesdays 3 - 5 p.m. and by appointment
Areas of Expertise:
Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Spanish Literature


Education & Degrees

Ph.D., Comparative Literature, University of California-Berkeley
M.B.A., University of Colorado
M.A., Comparative Literature, University of California-Berkeley
B.A., English, Santa Clara University 


Kathleen Bollard's research area is early modern European literature, in particular sixteenth-century Spanish prose. Her most recent publications have focused on ekphrasis, or the literary representation of works of art, and she is a founding member of the Early Moderrn Image and Text Society (EMIT). She is currently working on a book manuscript on the politics of humanist literature in sixteenth-century Spain.

Bollard currently serves as associate vice president and academic affairs officer for the University of Colorado system.

Select Publications

Stone, Tammy, Kathleen Bollard, and Jon Harbor. “Launching Interdisciplinary Programs as College Signature Areas: an Example from the University of Colorado Denver.” Innovative Higher Education 34.5 (December 2009): 321-329.

Bollard, Kathleen. "Ekphrasis and History: The Charles V Paintings in Villalón's El Crótalon." Cahiers Parisiens I (2005): 149-160.

Bollard, Kathleen. "Ekphrasis and the Renaissance Student: Classical versus Biblical Authority in Villalón’s El Scholástico." In Ekphrasis in the Age of Cervantes. Ed. Fredrick A. de Armas. Lewisburg: Bucknell UP, 2005. 59-77.

Bollard, Kathleen. "Rereading Heroism in the Abencerraje." Bulletin of Spanish Studies LXXX.3 (2003) 297-307.

Bollard de Broce, Kathleen. "Literature, Politics, and the Religious Career Ladder: The Case of Antonio de Guevara (1480? – 1545)." In European Literary Careers: Classical, Medieval, Renaissance. Eds. Frederick de Armas and Patrick Cheney. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2002: 165-185.

Bollard de Broce, Kathleen. "Authorizing Literary Propaganda: Alfonso de Valdés' Diálogo de las cosas acaecidas en Roma (1527)." Hispanic Review 68.2 (Spring 2000): 131-145.

Bollard de Broce, Kathleen. "The Rhetoric of Exemplarity in Two Spanish Sixteenth-Century Specula Principis." Symposium: A Quarterly Journal in Modern Literatures 53.2 (Summer 1999): 83-91.

Courses Taught

SPAN 2110: Second-Year Spanish 1

SPAN 3221: Culture and Civilization of Spain I

SPAN 4130/5130: Medieval Spanish Literature

SPAN 4520/5520: Golden Age Drama

SPAN 4540/5540: Race, Class, and Gender in Golden Age Literature

SPAN 4620/5620: Don Quijote