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What Alumni are Saying about Our Ethnic Studies Programs

Desaray Palinckx

"The greatest strength has been the kindness amongst the ethnic studies staff and fellow students. There is always a helping hand to be found, so not only is the subject excellent with any major, the resources through the program are endless."

Cecile Sutton, TIAA-CREF

"As a European-American with mixed heritage, I find it extremely important to provide a major that allows college students to delve deeper into the origins, cultures and traditions of different ethnicities. A major in ethnic studies would give the next generation of graduates an opportunity to view the world from a platform where our differences intrigue rather than divide. In order to accept diversity we have to be able to understand it first."

Dora Arellano

"I feel that this program has prepared me with the knowledge to be able to work with a diverse population. The professors were very enthused about class and more sensitive to students' needs."

Katherine Lester

"One of the many strengths of this program is the diversity of the classes as well as the professors. I also benefited from the Cecil Glenn Scholarship that is available to Ethnic Studies minors. It is a great scholarship for books, and I believe it is one of the greatest strengths of the program."