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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Continuing Education Graduate Courses & Programs

Graduate Courses

The Center for New Directions in Politics and Public Policy

The Masters degree in Political Science is a Master of Arts degree with an emphasis in Politics and Public Policy that is offered off-campus at the University Center at Chaparral in Douglas County and at the Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. The program is delivered in a weekend short course format for working professionals. Please contact: Kathryn Cheever, Director, Center for New Directions in Politics & Public Policy or by phone at 303-556-5950.

Rocky Mountain Middle School Math & Science Partnership

CLAS offers graduate level math and science education courses to public school teachers in the greater Denver area during summer, fall and spring terms. Participating departments include Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Math and Physics. For information on these credit courses contact the CASMIC STEM office.

Denver Writing Project

The Denver Writing Project is a federal grant project for public school teachers that offers writing courses and institutes during the summer term. For information please see the Denver Writing Project website

Math Circles Program

The CLAS Math department participates with public schools in offering math education courses to middle school teachers in the greater Denver area. To find out more about the Math Circles program in Colorado, contact Diana White.