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The Writing Center

Reference Library & Handouts

Reference Library & Handouts

The Center's resource library consists of everything from style manuals for documenting sources in specific disciplines to grammar and usage guides, books by writers on writing, research guides, general writing handbooks and writing references. Consultants and writers frequently refer to these texts during sessions, and visitors are welcome to use them on their own in the Center. We also have a variety of texts frequently used in UCD Composition, Business Writing, and Technical Writing courses, and we offer texts for graduate students on qualitative and quantitative research methods, writing a prospectus, thesis writing and dissertation writing.

Select titles may be borrowed from our library for up to two weeks. Please visit the Center to learn more.


The Center offers the use of six computers, including one ADA-compliant PC complete with ZoomText and TextHelp for students with special needs, as well as one Mac Pro. Visitors are welcome to use these to work on their writing before, during or after consultations.