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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences



Shauna Musser

First-year consultant

Areas of expertise: Literary analysis, journalism, creative writing

MA student in English Literature, CU Denver
BA in Journalism and English, University of Connecticut

Shauna grew up in the sprawling suburban desert of Phoenix, AZ. Along with her parents, who owned their own arts and crafts business, she spent a good portion of her adolescent life travelling with her family in an RV. Connoisseurs of film probably immediately think of the critically acclaimed movie RV with Robin Williams. Her family was half as zany but it is hard to compete with Robin Williams on that front. She traveled most of the western part of the country, including Colorado, where she fell in love with the mountains and the plentiful colors of the landscape besides the brown of her homeland. Shauna knew she would return someday, mainly to build upon her fame of getting pictured in the Fort Collins newspaper The Coloradoan while skipping stones at a pond with her brothers. Apparently Fort Collins did not have much going on that day. Now she is back in Colorado, where she still visits the same pond from time to time in hopes of catching another glimpse of stardom.