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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences



Kelsie McWilliams

Fourth-year consultant 

Areas of expertise: personal statements, resumes, literature reviews, citation, English language learners

M.A. in Rhetoric and the Teaching of WRiting, CU Denver

B.A. in English Writing and Creative Writing, CU Denver

Kelsie is a California native but moved to Colorado in 2007 and has since traded her valley girl accent for a single pair of practical snow boots. However, she still wears flip flops religiously and will fight to the death to preserve her right to insert “the” in front of freeways, in spite of all those who disparage this linguistic tendency (e.g. Haydn).  In August 2010, Kelsie joined the Writing Center crew as a shy and awkward intern who only spoke when spoken to. Since then, her coworkers have successfully encouraged her to come out of her shell and embrace her love of color (in her natural habitat, you can easily spot her in bright and colorful floral patterns). Throughout her education, she has strengthened her love of writing while also discovering other passions, namely history, globalization, international relations, politics, and current events. After teaching Core Composition I & II as well as completing her Master’s thesis on the rhetoric of disaster, Kelsie has embarked on the next step of her academic quest as an ESL/ELL teacher. When not conquering the most egregious grammatical mistakes, Kelsie will challenge anyone anywhere at any time to a rousing game of Tetris, where she will most certainly emerge victorious.


​ENGL 1020, Core Composition I, University of Colorado Denver
ENGL 2030, Core Composition II, University of Colorado Denver
Academic ESL classes, English Language Center, University of Denver