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Colorado Center for Public Humanities

Spring 2011 Events

Hope you enjoyed our Spring 2011 Events!

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Organized in conjunction with P-20 Education Initiatives at UCD


“Global Cities” is a three-part series exploring the development of contemporary cities around the world, as well as the common challenges that these cities face. The series focus, in particular, on the conditions affecting the lives of urban youth in places as varied as Rio de Janeiro, Monrovia, and New Orleans. Students will be exposed to lectures, films, and panel discussions, addressing such globally relevant phenomena as war and natural disaster, the growth of slums, and the privatization of urban education. 

In addition, “Global Cities” creates a forum in which promising students from Montbello High School who are taking a course on urban education can interface with our invited guests and our university community.

As a collaborative project joining an urban university and an urban high school, the series seeks to enhance the curriculum at Montbello High School, while giving students an exciting opportunity to experience life on a college campus.

Event Schedule

Thursday February 10th, 11:00-1:30

Favela Rising
Film viewing, Jeff Zimbalist’s presentation (film is 80 minutes plus talk)
Location: King Center - BLACK BOX THEATRE

Jeff Zimbalist, a documentary filmmaker, will visit the downtown campus to screen and discuss his award-winning film, Favela Rising. The film documents a man and a movement, a city divided and a favela (Brazilian squatter settlement) united. Through hip-hop music, the rhythms of the street, and Afro-Brazilian dance, a leader in the favela rallies his community to counteract the violent oppression enforced by teenage drug armies and sustained by corrupt police.  At the dawn of liberation, just as collective mobility is overcoming all odds and the grassroots Afro Reggae movement is at the height of its success, a tragic accident threatens to silence the movement forever.

See a clip of the director's discussion of the film, live at UCD!


Thursday March 10th, 11:00-12:30

Shane Gilbert - Come Let's Dance Presentation
Location: Tivoli Turnhalle

Come Let's Dance Logo

Come, Let’s Dance is a community of people acting as a catalyst for life-change by building relationships and investing in future leaders of Uganda. We focus on sustainable projects, getting to the root of the orphan cycle, and breaking-down the layers of dependency on foreign aid by staying grassroots -- raising up 1 kid, 1 community at a time.
View a video excerpt from Shane Gilbert's address at the Tivoli Turnhalle

Thursday April 21st, 11:00-12:30

Trying to Talk to the Powers that Be
The Experiences of Black Educators with School Reform in Post-Katrina New Orleans
Lecture and Q&A afterwards
Location: Tivoli Turnhalle

Dr. Daniella Cook, discusses her research, “Voices Crying out From the Wilderness: The Stories of Black Educators on School Reform in Post-Katrina New Orleans.” Her study recounts the stories of African American educators responding to the sweeping school reforms in post-Katrina New Orleans. Cook’s research explores what these educators are saying about reform, focusing on the feelings of loss, anger and isolation that have emerged among those on the frontlines of education.  Cook seeks to understand what these responses to the educational changes in New Orleans have to tell us about urban school reform more generally.