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Colorado Center for Public Humanities

CCPH Lecture Clips

Video clips are from events presented from Fall 2007 through Spring 2011. The CCPH Event series follow program topics set for the semester by CCPH.  These clips include segments from lectures, readings from authors and various other types of live events such as the enormously popular re-enactment of the Lincoln-Douglas debates. Many of these CCPH events, open to the public, were noted in both local and national news outlets.

Below is a time-line of past events.


  • Spring 2012: Multilingualism and the Contemporary University
  • Spring 2011: Global Cities
  • Spring 2010: Southwest Colloquium
  • Spring 2009: Crisis of Inclusion in Higher Education, plus 2-part series on the Iraq War
  • Fall 2009: Islam in American Culture
  • Spring 2008: Medical Narrative: Critical Perspectives on Storytelling — Health and Humanities Colloquia
  • Fall 2008: Political Debates and Issues, plus 3-part series: “Bad Religion”
  • Fall 2007: New Visions of the American Scholar


Spring 2012 - Multilingualism in the Contemporary University

Marc Shell, Lecture in the Tivoli Center, April 2012

Spring 2011 - Global Cities

Jeff Zimabalist, Movie Producer, Favela Rising 
Shane Gilbert, Working in Uganda
Daniella Cook, Education Reform in New Orleans after Katrina

Crisis of Inclusion in Education

Jake York
The Crisis of Inclusion

Political Debates and Issues, plus 3-part series: “Bad Religion”

Re-enactment of the Lincoln Douglas Debates - 1848
Amendment 46 Debate
Transcendence Gospel Choir