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National History Day in Colorado

National History Day in Colorado depends on volunteers from our communities to serve as judges. Would you like to volunteer?  

How judging works?

  •   Judges are trained on how to judge and given detailed instructions.
  • Judges do NOT need to be historians or be experts in the field. 
  • Judges work in teams of three with at least one veteran leading.
  • Judges interview students and talk with them about their research.
  • Judges evaluate students’ projects using a rubric, and rank the projects.
  • All projects are evaluated—and all students interviewed—in the first rounds when finalists are determined.  Finalists are evaluated in the final rounds when winners are determined. 

How can I prepare to judge?

  •   Attend a judge training in the spring on the Auraria Campus. Details TBD.
  •   Complete our online judge training at
  • Judging procedures are reviewed—and questions answered--the morning of the State Contest before the contest begins.

  How long is the event? 

  • 7:30-1:00 for preliminary round judges. 
  • 7:30-4:00 for those who want to judge preliminary & final rounds.
  • Noon-4:00 for those who want to judge final rounds only.
  • The Awards Ceremony is held at 5:00 pm, and judges are encouraged to attend.

 Click on the hyperlinks for more information on the Judging Criteria, Judging Forms and Instructions and Judge Training