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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Colorado History Day

National History Day in Colorado

Nomination for Special Awards

Students may self-nominate their entries for the 2016 contest as part of their registration process. Please note: Some special awards may require addition information. Check back for special award details.

Note: For entries in the Documentary category only, if you wish to be considered for a special award, we ask that you submit a copy of your documentary(DVD or a link to an online host site like YouTube), process paper, and annotated bibliography ahead of time so the special awards judges can review it before the contest. Check your State Contest paperwork for due dates.

Topic Specific Special Awards

  • Best Entry on Colorado History (Sponsored by History Colorado): Prizes will be awarded to the best junior and the best senior INDIVIDUAL projects on a COLORADO HISTORY topic.
  • Best Group Project on Colorado History (Sponsored by Governor John Hickenlooper's office): Prizes will be awarded to the best GROUP (junior or senior) project on a COLORADO HISTORY topic.
  • Best Senior Paper on Colorado History (Sponsored by Denver Posse of Westerners): Prize will consist of $100 cash award, publication of the paper in the Posse's publication The Roundup, and free attendance for two (the recipient and person of their choice) at the Posse's annual Christmas banquet/awards ceremony. 
  • Best Project on a Telecommunications Topic (Sponsored by the Telecommunications History Group)
  • Best Project on a topic related to William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody (Sponsored by the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave)
  • Best Project on Chief Niwot or the Arapaho (Sponsored by the Boulder History Museum)
  • Best Project on Hispanic History (Sponsored by Lieutenant Governor Joe Garcia): Prize will be awarded to the best project related HISPANIC history.
  • Best Project on San Luis Valley History (Sponsored by the Sangre de Cristo National Heritage Area)
  • Best Project on Transportation History (Sponsored by the Forney Museum of Transportation)
  • Best Project on Voting (Sponsored by the League of Women Voters Colorado): Projects about the history of voting are eligible for nomination.
  • Best Project related to Jewish History (Sponsored by the Mizel Museum): Prize will be awarded to the best project.
  • Best Use of Geography (Sponsored by the Colorado Geographic Alliance): Prizes will be awarded to a middle and high school project for the best examination of the role of geography in History Day presentations. 
  • Best Use of Primary Sources on a Colorado Topic (Sponsored by the Colorado State Archives)
  • Charles Redd Award (Sponsored by Charles Redd Center for Western Studies, Brigham Young University): Prizes will be awarded to the best junior and senior entries on WESTERN HISTORY topics
  • Governor's Residence Award (Sponsored by Governor's Residence Preservation Fund)
  • Molly Brown Activism Award (Sponsored by the Molly Brown House Museum)
    A prize will be awarded for an outstanding project in key ares of activism covered in the life of Molly Brown, including suffrage, juvenile justice, and education. 

Category Specific Special Awards

  • Best Essay on Western History (Sponsored by the Center of the American West at CU Boulder): Prizes will be awarded for the best PAPER surrounding a western history topic.
  • Best Senior Paper on Colorado History (Sponsored by the Denver Posse of Westerners)
  • Best Use of Primary Sources in a Paper (Sponsored by the Department of History, University of Colorado Denver): Prizes will be awarded to the best use of primary sources in a middle school and a high school PAPER.
  • Colorado Experience Best in Show Documentary (Sponsored by Rocky Mountain PBS-Colorado Experience): Prize will be awarded to the best COLORADO themed documentary.
  • Most Creative Exhibit (Sponsored by the Optimist Club of South Monaco): Prizes will be awarded to the most creative junior and senior EXHIBIT.

Sponsor Organization Specific Awards

  • Best Use of Library of Congress Materials (Sponsored by Teaching with Primary Sources Colorado): Prizes will be awarded for the best project utilizing SOURCES FROM THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS ( in their project.