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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UC Denver

Programs and Degrees


CLAS offers over 30 minors to help in your academic pursuits. A minor area of study can allow you to:

  • focus and specialize understanding in terms of subject matter and method

  • broaden a related major field and also build special competence

  • create a complementary area of interest

  • pursue a special interest


Completing a minor in anthropology will give you an excellent introduction to the field. You will be exposed to the basic concepts of the field -- for example, evolution, adaptation, cultural diversity -- and will have an opportunity to take advanced courses with some of our internationally-known faculty.

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Astrophysics is an important and well-represented subdiscipline of physics. It includes the study of the solar system, galactic and extra-galactic astrophysics, as well as cosmology. A minor in this field combines a theoretical approach with observational analysis. There is also opportunity to do research in this field.

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The biology minor is a great complement to the skills gained in your major discipline by providing an underlying scientific base upon which to build a career in the life sciences and more.

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This minor is offered through another college at UC Denver and available to all Liberal Arts & Sciences majors.​​

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The minor is open to all students, and should be beneficial for science majors, pre-professional health science majors, and students seeking science education certification. The objective of the chemistry minor is to provide broad, introductory course work and laboratory experience in chemistry without the more technical mathematical and chemical prerequisites required of the chemistry major.

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 Chinese Studies

This innovative program offers specialized study of China through course work in the related disciplines of language, anthropology, history, geography, literature, and political science. China’s economic and political presence is increasingly prominent in the United States, and your increased understanding will benefit your career potential.


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As professionals in all fields benefit from good communication skills, a minor in communication is the perfect complement to almost any undergraduate major. ​​

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 Community Health Science

The health and behavioral sciences department (HBSC) is committed to the principle that understanding the basic social, cultural, and biological dimensions of health is fundamental to a solid liberal arts and sciences undergraduate education. HBSC has developed a minor in community health science that is designed to provide undergraduates with the basic intellectual and methodological tools needed to understand the societal contexts of health, healthcare and public health.

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 Computer Science

This minor is offered through another college at UC Denver and available to all Liberal Arts & Sciences majors.​​

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 Creative Writing

Students who are not majoring in an English creative writing track or are not majoring in English, and who have an interest in writing poetry or fiction, may enroll in the creative writing minor. The minor gives students the opportunity to complement their area of major study with experience writing and reading poetry or fiction.

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The minor in economics provides an opportunity for students to gain a basic introduction to economic theory and methods, as a complement to study in another area.

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 Educational Studies

This minor is offered through another college at UC Denver and available to all Liberal Arts & Sciences majors.​​

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This minor is offered through another college at UC Denver and available to all Liberal Arts & Sciences majors.​​

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 English Literature

This program is designed for students who are interested in the study of English literature but who have elected to major in another area. The recommended series of courses allows students to become acquainted with some of the methods of literary study and with a number of the most important literary works.

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 English Writing

The writing minor allows students to complement their area of major study with systematic experience in writing.

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 Environmental Science

Students are exposed to the breadth of environmental issues, with options for emphasizing the sciences or the humanities -- or a combination of both.

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This minor provides a forum to discuss important ethical questions, while helping develop your informed, ethically principled, and cogent decision making skills.

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 Ethnic Studies

The ethnic studies minor is designed to help students majoring in the liberal arts and sciences develop a sophisticated and broad understanding of ethnicity and its role in contemporary American society. It provides students with the theories and concepts needed to comprehend and interpret relations between and among ethnic groups in the U.S.

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 Film Studies

The film studies minor offers students the opportunity to gain an informed understanding of the sophisticated medium of film, its language and history. Courses cover critical writing about cinema, creative screenwriting, the evolution of Hollywood movies, international cinema, and film in its cultural context. The film studies minor makes a valuable complement to a range of undergraduate majors.

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The French program offers courses in advanced language, linguistics, literature, civilization, culture and business, all taught exclusively in French. Students benefit from a state-of-the-art language lab with Internet access and multi-media software programs, as well as technologically "smart" classrooms.

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We offer a flexible minor allowing students to structure their own study within the courses offered.

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Courses empahsize the fundamentals, with choices that allow for personal interests.

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Acquire a fluid working knowledge of the German language and understanding of the cultures in which German is spoken.

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 Health Humanities

The Health Humanities minor critically analyzes historical and contemporary connections among health, medicine, and society. The minor deepens understandings of disease and wellness, pain and suffering, personhood, the nature of death and dying, embodied experience, and the limits of technological knowledge. Studying literature, history, philosophy, rhetoric, the arts, and related social science fields, HEHM students explore the human dimensions of medical practice and how they interact with lived experience, revealing the ethical, cultural, and social contexts of health and medicine.

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History students not only learn what has happened, they also learn to appreciate and understand the process of change. It's this perspective that makes the history minor an excellent complement to nearly any major.

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 Law Studies

The Law Studies Minor at the University of Colorado Denver is an interdisciplinary course of studies intended to help students become intelligent and critical scholars of legal and political discourse. The minor is very relevant for students contemplating law school, and it is also intended to appeal to a wider group of students interested in issues relating to law and society and careers in public policy related fields.

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Mathematical methods are used today in the social sciences as well as the physical and biological sciences. A minor program in mathematics is a useful supplement to a major program in many widely differing areas.

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A minor in philosophy will help develop general habits of critical thought and analysis.

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Students who choose the minor in physics have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the foundations of physics and its applications in other fields.

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 Political Science

The minor in political science is a good choice for any student engaged in a field where politics and power influence decision-making.

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In this minor program you can gain understanding and analysis of individual psychological processes. The minor can be a useful complement to a variety of areas such as education, health sciences and sociology.

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 Religious Studies

This program draws together the university's resources across many disciplines to offer a concentration in the area of Religious Studies. Religion is a complex and multi-faceted phenomenon involving the overarching worldview of a culture, its social norms, ethics and politics. This program is designed to foster a nuanced understanding of religious phenomena, and to cultivate critical skills in the discipline of Religious Studies.

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The minor in Sociology provides you the ability to understand the complexities of today’s society by examining human behavior and social actions.

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 Social Justice

The Social Justice program encourages our students to recognize how race, class, and gender intersect with citizenship. It reinforces the many ways that our students are already engaged as citizens. And it helps solidify their power to effect change. The minor consists of theoretical and problem-based courses and experiential learning projects including internships, volunteer work, and service learning and/or venues for the public dissemination for the work being done within the program.

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The Spanish program studies the language, linguistics, culture, and civilization of Spain, Spanish America, and the Spanish-speaking populations of the U.S. Through the UC Denver Spanish program, students at all levels may study abroad in Spain, Mexico, and other Spanish-speaking countries.

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Sustainability as one of the CLAS approved Signature Areas has participation from most of the departments in the College contributing expertise of faculty to the interdisciplinary integration of scientific principles, historic trends, philosophic theories and cultural forces that frame the socio-economic and ecological issues in the study of sustainability.

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 Urban and Regional Planning

This minor is designed for non-geography undergraduate students and provides the opportunity to pursue studies in the professional field of planning.

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 Women and Gender Studies

The Women's and Gender Studies Minor is available in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and focuses on gender issues in the humanities and social sciences.

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