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Coya Lindberg, Outstanding Undergrad

Coya Lindberg, Outstanding Undergrad for May 2010, began her program at UC Denver in 2003 as a CU-Succeed student. She has impressive experience working in the Heath Careers Program, as an Emergency Medical Technician, and also as a teaching assistant.

Coya has always been fascinated with emergency room medicine due to the amount of family and personal interaction. In the future, she would like to work with people who are underprivileged by designing and implementing programs for those who live with diabetes and obesity. Ideally, she'd like to create educational programs that work to provide information about the benefits of eating healthfully and exercising regularly.

In addition to her developing her professional goals, Coya spends her free time volunteering at blood drives, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (expedition health wing), among other places, where she can learn by shadowing. She enjoys her time teaching children by engaging in conversations and interacting in ways that are memorable.

When she considers her most valuable experiences, Coya like to reflect on what she's learned overall —to continually ask herself what she wants from life and what relationships are the best to cultivate.

In 2006 and 2007, Coya did just that. "I took some time off from classes in order to travel to New Zealand where I uncovered what I really wanted in life." Amidst traveling, camping, beach living and meeting new people, it became clear that she was the only one who "knew all the answers." While noting the benefits of her myriad experiences on campus, what became clear to Coya was the benefit of the flexibility and creativity providing by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. She, like many students, began her studies looking for the "right answers." It was only after careful time, contemplation and experiential learning, that she discovered the benefits of devotion and patience. "I love to devote myself to something, 100-percent. It's all about having people become part of your life, while asking them to enter yours; it's all about balance."

And balance it well she does. Coya is continuing to develop her professional and personal goals and plans to apply her knowledge by becoming a family physician.