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MSRA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Program Content


What exactly is the Master of Science in Recording Arts?

It is a graduate degree designed to help students refine their skills in the field of Recording Arts.  See our Program Overview page for information on the field of Recording Arts. 

What topics will I be studying?

Mixing, mastering, sequencing, calibration and reinforcement.  Our program refines students’ skills in sound recording, aesthetics, multi-track recording, digital signal processing, automated mixing, synchronization, stereo imaging, and monitoring.  Also included is study in Audio Forensics and Pedagogy.

How is this program unique?

There are a limited number of graduate programs in audio in the U.S.  This is a "users" and "teachers" program, not a designers program.  Our emphasis in Pedagogy and Forensics are the only such graduate degrees in the U.S.

Why should I choose this program?

If your career path requires a graduate degree, then the MSRA is a logical choice.  It allows that your undergraduate degree may not be in Recording Arts, and therefore has a program of preparatory courses selected from the upper division of our Bachelors degree that will prepare you for this graduate program.

Are there other programs like this in the US?

While there are a few other graduate programs in the U.S. (see for a directory) each has a deliberate focus.  This emphasis is intentional and is based on the specialties of its faculty and position in the entertainment or scientific communities.