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Alumni Notes

Jennifer Long

Jennifer LongJennifer Long is President of Management: Possible, a newly re-named training organization formerly known as The Source International. She had been Senior Vice President of Program Development for The Source, Australia’s number one company in executive skills development and a global leader in skills and performance coaching. Jennifer has an 18 year track record with the company in training design, production, delivery and the development and refining of its proven coaching methodology. In addition to her on-going involvement in course development and design, she also continues to provide program training delivery and coaching to ensure program content relevance and keep current in workforce development. Long has designed and developed learning programs for large organizations such as British American Tobacco, AT&T, United Artists, Ford Motor Company and Northrop Grumman in additional to programs for smaller business. She is considered an industry expert in corporate coaching and has written and contributed articles to industry trade publications such as the ASTD Infoline series as well as Chief Learning Officer magazine. Long has presented at the Chief Learning Officer Summit, Linkage Organizational Development Summit and the Conference Board among others. Long remains passionate about Management: Possible dynamic, real and personally as well as organizationally beneficial as possible. Long earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Colorado in 1987 with a emphasis in Theater and Communications.

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Photo above: Jennifer Long speaks about her experiences after graduation during the CAM 10th Anniversary ”Yesterday” Celebration alumni panel – Thursday, October 2, 2008. ​Cindy Barringer, photographer