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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media

Alumni Association (CAMAA)

College of Arts & Media

The alumni umbrella group, The University of Colorado Denver Alumni Association, offers more benefits. Joining the CAMAA gives you automatic membership in the larger CU Denver Alumni Association.

The CU Denver alumni association has a new online community where you can find old friends, meet new ones and connect with your alma mater.

Insurance program

As alumni, you may obtain short-term health insurance that bridges the gap between student health insurance and employer coverage or other types of insurance including comprehensive, renewable major medical coverage; supplemental major medical insurance for catastrophic medical expenses; long-term care and group term life insurance.

Campus recreation center

For $75 per semester, you can have full access to the Campus Recreation Center.

Student loan consolidation

Combine your various student loans into one and you receive a 1% up-front reduction on the principal balance. Through college invest.

Career services

Receive career counseling, job search, coaching, resume assistance, online resume referrals, job postings and more through Career Services. This service is $15 a year, but the fee is completely waived for the first year after your graduation.

MBNA credit card

Use your University of Colorado at Denver Platinum Plus credit card to support the downtown Denver campus and show your support of CU every time you pay for a purchase with it.

CU license plates

Show your pride with CU alumni license plates. The cost includes a minimum donation of $50 to the Alumni Scholarship Fund. State fees will apply.

Ambassador program

Become an advocate for CU and higher education. Let your voice be heard by the Colorado General Assembly. Receive e-mails including legislative updates, calls to action, notices of CU outreach events and timely messages from the CU president.

Checkout “studio” – the official publication of CAM​!​​