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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media

Mission, Vision, and Values

College of Arts & Media


Our mission is to effect change by preparing students to successfully pursue their passions.


Our students acquire the skills they need to excel in an academically rigorous, experiential learning environment energized by creative exchange, real-­world experience and diversity of voice.


We envision a world made smaller, and more fully human, by the artist’s interpretation of the human experience. Our students come to us with passion for artistic expression. Our goal is to send them out into the world confident of purpose, ready to succeed.

Diversity Statement & Strategic Priority

The College of Arts & Media encourages open engagement and discussion in a safe and nuturing environment and strives to maintain an environment of transparancy and support of the overall student experiences within the college. In addition, the college makes concerted efforts to develop systematic support for faculty, staff and students from underrepresented backgrounds.

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Creative excellence

Academic and artistic rigor, creativity and innovation are bedrock principles of the College of Arts & Media community and the cornerstone of how we define excellence. As champions of creative excellence in art making and artistic expression we support risk-taking, intellectual freedom and social responsibility.


We believe in a culture of shared discovery. Our students learn by doing, and as emerging peers, are important contributors to the knowledge exchange. We value rigorous investigation, critical thinking, diversity, collaboration and invention.


We are committed to learning both inside and outside the classroom. The accessibility, diversity and cultural energy of Denver make the College of Arts & Media a better place to teach, work and learn. We strive to offer reciprocal experiences to the citizens of this great city and pay it forward by extending our reach and impact in the global community.