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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media


LYNX National Arts & Media Camp

Help fund student scholarships, donate today!

Scholarships allow students from low and moderate-income families to attend the camp. Many students wouldn’t be able to attend the camp without scholarship support. These videos show how much the camp scholarships mean to students: 

                                          2016 Music Industry Program Scholarship Video

                                                 2016 Session Two Scholarship Video

Please donate what you can to support the students! All gifts to the LYNX Camps are tax-deductible. 

Giving Levels:​​
10 gifts of $20 = 20% tuition $20 Give Online​​
10 gifts of $50 = 50% tuition $50 Give Online
10% tuition $100 Give Online
25% tuition $250 Give Online
50% tuition! $500
Give Online
Full tuition $1,000 Give Online
Full Residential Student Tuition (tuition + food + housing)​  $2,000 Give Online
Full Residential Student Tuition for 5 students $10,000 Give Online

We are also seeking larger gifts for guest artist sponsorship and sustained future camp funding. Naming opportunties are available for large donations. Please contact us to discuss these opportunities. 

Additionally, the founders of our Music Industry Program, Peter Stoltzman and Owen Kortz, are working to create an endowment to ensure that there is long-term scholarship funding for the LYNX Camp Music Industry Program. Learn more about the Music Director's Endowment and make donations to this fund here​.​


LYNX Camp sponsors are crucial for ensuring that our camps are accessible to students from all backgrounds. Sponsors allow us to provide scholarships to applicants from low-income and moderate-income families. We also need sponsors to allow us bring in guest artists at our camps. Please contact us if you have any questions or know of any person or business that is interested in being a LYNX Arts Camp sponsor.

2017 LYNX Arts Camp Sponsors:

Illegal Pete's​

Ralph Nagel

The Ryan & Genevieve Tedder Foundation

Ben & Michelle Wysocki

The Colorado Office of Film, Television, and Media


DJ Chonz​

Campus Village Housing

7S Management​

Valerie Brown

Stan Soocher

Ratio Beerworks

Jagged Mountain Brewery

Over $35,000 was raised for camp scholarships! 

2016 LYNX Arts Camp Sponsors:

Illegal Pete's

Ralph Nagel

The Colorado Film Commission

Ben & Michelle Wysocki

DJ Chonz


7S Management

Valerie Brown

and many others

Over $30,000 was raised for camp scholarships!

2015 LYNX Arts Camp Sponsors:

Illegal Pete's​

The Ryan & Genevieve Tedder Foundation

The Colorado Film Commission​

Ben & Michelle Wysocki

Meredith Hutson


Gaye Leonard

Stephen Seifert

John Robbins

Pallavi Vyas

Nanette Kortz

Nancy Eagan Netz

Claudia Hardy

Theodora Richards

A HUGE thanks to our 2015 sponsors, who helped us raise over $27,000 in scholarship!

2014 Summer Music Industry Program Sponsors:

Illegal Pete's

Walnut Room



Vanilla Bean Coffee House​

Coupe Studios​

Ben & Michelle Wysocki

The Ryan & Genevieve Tedder Foundation​

In 2014 we raised over $13,000!

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