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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media

About LYNX Camp

LYNX National Arts & Media Camp

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​The LYNX National Arts and Media Camps are summer immersion programs for high school students interested in music and the arts hosted on the University of Colorado Denver campus and sponsored by the CU Denver College of Arts & Media. We offer both residential and non-residential camp programs. The camps are designed to provide students with an educational preview of the college programs offered in the College of Arts & Media while also providing students with an inspiring and memorable summer camp experience. We host high school students from throughout the country, and even international students, at the camp which enables a diverse and enriching experience as students bond over a shared passion for the arts.​ More information can be found by browsing the links on the left side of the page. 

2019 Camp Sessions

 June 10-14, 2019 | One Week

Commuter Option Only

  • 2D Animation/ Illustration Program
  • Audio Production/ Ableton Live Program
  • City Murals NEW!
  • Comic Book Character Design NEW!
  • Photography Program

SESSION 2 | June 16-28, 2019 | Two Weeks

Residential, Commuter or Commuter Plus Options Available

  • Music Industry Program

SESSION 3 July 14-26​, 2019 | Two Weeks

Residential, Commuter or Commuter Plus Options Available

  • Digital Animation & Motion Graphics Program 
  • Filmmaking Program

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The LYNX Camps are for high school students (ages 14-18) who are interested in the arts. Any student who has finished 8th grade by the start of the camp and has not yet started college is eligible to attend (we do admit students who have just completed 12th grade). Please contact us if you have any questions about eligibility.​​



​LYNX Camp Mission

Our mission is to effect change by preparing high school students to successfully pursue their artistic passions through through higher education.

​Our students are exposed to the skills they need to foster creativity, learning, and community in a higher education environment in order to reach their full academic potential. 

LYNX Camp Values

Creative excellence

Academic and artistic rigor, creativity and innovation are bedrock principles of the College of Arts & Media community and the cornerstone of how we define excellence. As champions of creative excellence in art making and artistic expression we support risk-takingintellectual freedom and social responsibility.


We believe in a culture of shared discovery. Our students learn by doing, and as emerging peers, are important contributors to the knowledge exchange. We value rigorous investigationcritical thinkingdiversitycollaboration and invention.


We are committed to learning both inside and outside the classroom. The accessibility, diversity and cultural energy of Denver make the College of Arts & Media a better place to teach, work and learn. We strive to offer reciprocal experiences to the citizens of this great city and pay it forward by extending our reach and impact in the global community.

LYNX Camp Learning Objectives

By participating in the LYNX National Arts & Media Camp, students will:

·       Develop artistic skills! Students will have opportunities for hands-on artistic learning in a fun and safe learning environment. Learn from faculty and professionals with years of experience.

·       Make friends and network! Students will be able to build a community of peers, mentors, staff, and college faculty members.

·       Learn about career opportunities in the arts! Students will hear from various guest artists who have made careers out of their talents.

​·       Explore CU Denver and Colorado! Students will explore the CU Denver campus, the Denver art scene, and the Rocky Mountains through tours & field trips!

 If you have questions or need more information, please contact:​​

Kelli Rapplean
Coordinator, LYNX National Arts & Media Camps
University of Colorado Denver
Phone: 303-315-7468

Dave Walter
Director, LYNX National Arts & Media Camps
University of Colorado Denver
Phone: 303-315-7487

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