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Benefits to Having a Green Roof



Building Costs and Maintenance

  • Prolong roof membrane lifetime-protecting the membrane from UV rays
  • Savings on energy costs-heating and cooling savings due to the green roof provide insulation qualities.

Development/Construction Costs

  • Reduce heating and cooling equipment
  • Reduce insulation amounts
  • Potential to meet regulatory requirements for water treatment
  • Reduce community resistance to new developments
  • Potential to satisfy minimum green space requirements
  • Potential for density bonusing/larger floor area ratio
  • Potential to reduce the size of stormwater management ponds


  • Potential for local, regional and national market exposure
  • US and Canadian Green Building Council LEED certification system (potentially score 15 credits)


Improve air quality

  • Filter airborne particles
  • Carbon dioxide/oxygen exchange

Temperature regulation

  • ‘Urban Heat Island Effect’- help minimize the difference in temperature between the urban land and surrounding rural land due to hardscape and reflective surfaces which absorb solar radiation and reradiate it as heat.


  • Stormwater retention-minimize water fluctuations from high runoff volumes that negatively impacts stream ecologies
  • Water filtration-filter particulates, pollutants and temperature extremes

Creation and Preservation of Habitat and Biodiversity


  • Aesthetics
  • Health and Horticultural Therapy
  • Recreation
  • Green Walls act as sound barriers

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