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Student Gallery Archive

College of Architecture and Planning

This is archived student work.  To see current work, go to the CAP Student Faculty Alumni Work Site​ or Master of Architecture Student Work​. 

To view projects - click on images above or see links below

      Graduate Student Work​


        aias design excellence awards

  • studio IV. instructor. jill kamas. student. maruek chandavimol
  • comprehensive studio. instructor. ranko ruzic. students. brett blackmon. glen camuso
  • advanced studio. instructor. peter schneider. student. christopher cherabie
  • people's choice. instructor. rick sommerfeld. students. will koning. will murray. milen milev. jd signom
  •         2011

             hoover award. advanced studio. fall 2011

  • winner. ibrahim lasafer. instructor. peter schneider
  • finalist. maurice flores. instructor. kat vlahos
  • finalist. katherine hawkins. instructor.
  • finalists. will campbell. miles dake. instructor.
  •          muchow award. comprehensive studio. fall 2011

  • winners. patricia kasch. kirsten erickson. instructor. david carnicelli
  •          andy award. second year studio. fall 2011

  • winner. johnwilly aglupos. instructor. osman attmann
  • winner. katie donahue. instructor.
  • winner. jennifer reece. instructor.
  • winner. catherine brown. instructor.
  • winner. jeff leland. instructor. barbara ambach
  • winner. sean mcmurray. instructor.
  •         architecture 5140

  • instructor. keith loftin. student. michael bucher
  • instructor. keith loftin. student. courtney hughes
  • instructor. keith loftin. student. patricia kasch

    andy award spring 2011

  • winner. stephan hall. instructor. amir ameri
  • finalist. kirsten erickson. instructor. keith loftin
  • finalists. glen camuso. chris fowler. instructor. joe colistra

    hoover award spring 2011

  • winner. amy beresford. instructor. clark thenhaus
  • finalist. jeffrey cottrell. instructor. eric anderson

    murchow award spring 2011

  • winner. sara zezulka. instructor. wilson day

     landscape architecture 6606

  • instructor. joern langhorst. student. deryn ruth goodwin
  • instructor. joern langhorst. student. matt fisher

     landscape architecture 5502

  • instructor. lori catalano. student. angela urrego
  • instructor. lori catalano. student. patrick healy

    urban and regional planning 6631

  • instructor. bruce goldstein. students. kristine chan-lizardo. nathan thompson. matt formanack. george patten. jocelyn yeh lin. trevor lee. lisa smith. madaleine sorkin. ryder reddick

    urban design 6611 spring 2011

  • instructor. peter park. students. jennifer muchow. zaira suarez. julia valiulina


    architecture 6170/6171

  • instructor. ekaterini vlahos. student. craig lawrence
  • instructor. fred andreas. students. erik nuhfer and roland boschmann
  • instructor. george hoover. students. various 

     landscape architecture 5503

  • instructors. lori catalano. emmanuel didier. student. cynthia guajardo
  • instructors. lori catalano. emmanuel didier. student. matt fisher
  • instructors. lori catalano. emmanuel didier. student. tara abbaticchio

    urban design 6610 fall 2010

  • instructor. joern langhorst. students. peter chivers. moises gonzales

    urban design 6610 spring 2010

  • instructor. jason rebillot. students. katy casper. justin feider
  • instructor. jason rebillot. student. rachel brown

    urban design 6611

  • instructor. jason rebillot. students. various

    urban design 6612

  • instructor. jason rebillot. student. stephan hall

    design build 2010 feed denver

  • project boards. instructors. brad tomecek. christopher herr
  • images. photographer. nathan jenkins

    design build 2009 bmoca

  • instructors. rick sommerfeld. rob pyatt

    thesis projects

  • students. britta moline-ayars. anne carlton van huisen. advisor. barbara ambach

    hoover award spring 2010

  • winner. kirsten coe. instructor. ranko ruzic
  • finalist. randall hatley. instructor. amir ameri
  • finalist. justin feider. instructor. michael jenson
  • finalist. roman gershkovich. instructor. brad tomecek and christopher herr

    andy award spring 2010

  • winner. ben kallechey. instructor. osman attmann
  • finalist. jeff daigle. instructor. robert flanagan
  • finalist. robyn shaw. instructor. keith loftin
  • finalist. raul gardea-flores. instructor. rick petersen


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