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College of Architecture & Planning
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College of Architecture + Planning


If your bachelor’s degree is unrelated to architecture, you must complete a seven- or eight-semester sequence of course work and accumulate a minimum of 114 semester hours of credit.

All of your application materials will be reviewed by the Admission Committee for adequate conformance in the area of general studies.


If you have earned a preprofessional bachelor's degree in architecture or a related field, you will be evaluated for advanced standing credits. Credit is awarded for classes you have taken that duplicate the content of our own courses. You are eligible for a maximum of 54 credits of advanced standing. You must complete a minimum of four semesters or 60 semester hours of credit.  

If you have completed a non-NAAB-accredited professional architecture degree in another country, you will be eligible for advanced standing. As part of this advanced standing, you will work with the associate chair of the department to develop an individualized plan of study comparable to your previous degrees and experience. To receive your MArch degree, you will have to complete at least 60 semester hours of credit in residence within the College.

  • ARCH 5000 Math and Physics for Architects.  This course is offered in the summer on a pass/fail basis and meets the prerequisite requirements; however, this class does not count toward the number of credits required for the MArch degree.

  • Graphics workshop.  A graphics workshop is recommended if you do not have a background in architectural drawing and model building. This class is offered each year before the beginning of the fall semester.

  • Computer Literacy. You are expected to have achieved a basic level of computer literacy and be familiar with PC or Mac operating systems.

If you have satisfied the basic requirements for admission, but have specific deficiencies in the area of general studies, you can take advantage of several specific courses that are available to assist your entrance.


The requirements for the Master of Architecture (MArch) degree fall into 5 categories, totaling 114 credits:

  • Studio design studies (45 credits)

  • Cultural studies (12 credits)

  • Technology studies (18 credits)

  • Professional studies (6 credits)

  • Architectural related elective courses* (33 credits)

These requirements presume that your prior undergraduate baccalaureate degree contains the requisite breadth in the areas of general studies, and so they do not contain any dedicated general education credits.

*A wide array of electives in these area allows you to tailor your graduate studies to your own interests.

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