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BS Arch Advising Sheet


Find the complete Bachelor of Science in Architecture Advising Sheet here.


Most of the CU Denver Core Curriculum courses are located in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS). BS Arch students will undertake 36 credit hours from the CU Denver core curriculum. 


BS Arch students will undertake 71 credits carrying the ARCH prefix, including these required courses (54 credits): 

ARCH 1110-3. Introduction to Architecture and Urbanism.  Introduces students to the essential ways of looking at and thinking about buildings, sites and cities, exposing students to the various perspectives, positions and practices that they will encounter in both an architecture curriculum and in architectural practice. 

ARCH 2110-3. Design Studio I. Introduces students to the principles of design and composition through studies of architecture’s formal, spatial, and geometric systems. Students explore these using a variety of drawing techniques including diagramming and drawings that are exploratory, analytical and developmental. Pre-req or Co-req: ARCH 1110 

ARCH 2230-3. Architectural History I. Introduces architecture and urbanism from prehistory to the mid-seventeenth century by exploring the social, cultural, technical, philosophical and aesthetic ideas that shaped buildings and other architectural and urban settings in different parts of the world. 

ARCH 3110-5. Design Studio II.  Introduces students to the expressive potential of architecture’s elements and systems.  Students explore techniques for translating and expressing ideas in buildings through the static, dynamic and sequential manipulation of architectural form and space. Prereq: ARCH 2110 

ARCH 3120-6. Design Studio III.  Focuses on the design of buildings in their relationship to physical, natural and cultural contexts. Students explore non-formal concepts and translate them into architectural experiences that integrate program, site and climate.  Prereq: ARCH 3110

ARCH 3130-3. Construction Practices I.  Provides an overview of the materials, systems, assemblies and processes that inform the design and construction of buildings, reviewing the building technologies and developing student understandings of the interrelationship between the interconnected elements and systems  that define buildings and spaces.  Prereq:  PHYS 2010/2030, MATH 1130

ARCH 3230-3. Architectural History II. Introduces architecture and urbanism from the mid-seventeenth century to the present, exploring the forces that shaped buildings and other architectural and urban settings in different parts of the world.  Prereq:  ARCH 2230 

ARCH 3330-3. Building Systems I. Introduces the concepts and methods of environmental control in residential buildings. Discusses the thermal behavior of buildings, climate as a determinant of building design, energy use in buildings, natural and mechanical means of environmental control, plumbing, electrical, communication systems, water supply and sanitation systems. Prereq:  PHYS 2010/2030, MATH 1130

ARCH 3340-3. Theory of Structures I.  Introduction to the analysis and design of structural elements and focuses on the principles of statics and the strength of materials. Topics include stress determination, deflection and the behaviors of tension, compression and shear in various structural elements. Prereq: PHYS 2010/2030, MATH 1130

ARCH 4110-6. Design Studio IV.  Introduces students to analysis and design as complementary processes. Students learn how to form design intentions based on analytical research and close study of the relationship between architecture, precedent and culture, and to consider buildings as settings that address issues of culture, society, economy and ecology. Students learn to incorporate structure, light, and material as expressive elements of an architectural composition. Prereq: ARCH 3120 

ARCH 4120-6. Design Studio V (Capstone Studio). Explores the place and role of architecture as an instrument of critical social engagement and cultural change, Students explore the role of history and precedent in the design process along with the role of detail through projects that demonstrate their proficiency as designers. Prereq: ARCH 4110 

ARCH 4240-3. Building Systems II.  Focuses on the environmental systems in commercial and other nonresidential buildings. Discusses natural and artificial lighting, HVAC systems, acoustics, vertical transportation and fire protection. Prereq: ARCH 3330 

ARCH 4340-3. Theory of Structures II. Focuses on the relationship between architectural concepts and the selection of structural systems. Addresses the qualitative and quantitative analysis of reinforced concrete, steel and wood structural systems and members. Prereq: ARCH 3340

ARCH 4440-3. Construction Practices II.  Discusses the principles and processes of building construction and introduces the major systems and assemblies that inform construction practices. Stresses the relationship between architectural concepts and emerging building technologies, teaching students how to select appropriate materials, systems and assemblies. Prereq: ARCH 3130 

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