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University of Colorado Denver

Study Abroad/Global Education

Mandatory Faculty Orientations

Preparing for Safe, Rewarding International Experiences

Global Education recognizes the importance of preparing faculty and students for international education experiences. We organize mandatory and optional workshops for faculty leaders designed to provide relevant, practical information that support program objectives.

Global Education will work with faculty leaders to address their concerns and prepare them to maximize the experience abroad. Additionally, several experienced faculty leaders have volunteered to support their colleagues leading programs abroad. Faculty and staff members who lead Global Study courses must participate in one of the “Survivor: Travel Study Edition” workshops organized in conjunction with the Center for Faculty Development. These workshops include information on risk management, student intercultural growth, managing program logistics, insurance information, and more. With a combination of new program leaders and faculty members with years of experience, the sessions have real-life applicability and lively interactions.

Additionally, each Spring we conduct a Mental Health workshop with the support of the university’s Counseling Center. Occasionally, OGE and OIA will organize workshops of interest to faculty and staff on subjects such as International Risk Management, Assessment in Study Abroad, etc.

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