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University of Colorado Denver

International College Beijing

Global Study China – Semester

UC Denver Global Study in China

Global Study in China students have the opportunity to study and live in Beijing, China. Unique among university programs, Chinese, American, and other international students study together in English at China Agricultural University’s International College at Beijing by University of Colorado Denver appointed faculty. Students may stay for a semester, a year, or complete the entire bachelor of arts program at ICB! While the foci of the program are for communication and economics majors, other areas of study include: English, Film, Fine Arts, History, International Studies, Math, Music Appreciation, Philosophy, Political Science and Sociology. All non-Chinese students are required to take Chinese Language (beginning through intermediate) and Contemporary Chinese Culture and Society. Chinese, American, and other international students are integrated in the same classroom giving students the opportunity to experience different viewpoints, create lasting friendships and develop global contacts.

“It is an exciting time to be in Beijing and to be in China, to witness economic miracles, to see the vast diversity across the country and to experience ever changing social dynamics.” –Dr. Buhong Zheng. Chair, Department of Economics

“You can become a part of an interconnected and global future by studying abroad in China, where the UC Denver Department of Communication offers a slate for classes geared to help you use best communication practices to help shape a better future.” –Dr. Stephen Hartnett. Chair, Department of Communication

Why Beijing?

Beijing, China’s flourishing modern capital is true to its traditional Chinese roots. Classic Chinese architecture is juxtaposed with the emergence of new technologies and signature global design. Communist China’s capital fuses Confucian harmony with global economic prowess in trendy coffee shops, the growing art scene, historical Buddhist temples, edgy fashion districts, bustling factories and a new lifestyle led by an upbeat capitalist generation. Beijing prepared their city with full force for the 2008 Olympics creating grandeur neoteric edifices and glistening transportation infrastructure to display the world the ascent of a city balanced between past and an ever expanding future.

With almost one-quarter of the Earth’s population, and the world’s fastest growing economy, China has become not only a regional powerhouse but an ever present factor in global politics and daily life in America.

Indeed, as the rate of globalization continues to accelerate, the world is becoming interconnected by shared commerce, culture, and politics meaning China is no longer far away and strange but close to home and familiar.

Whatever your career path, the UC Denver curriculum at the International College at Beijing will give you a solid foundation for graduate school or the world of work.

Life at CAU

Life at the China Agricultural University’s (CAU) International College is rich for both Chinese and international students. The CAU campus population of 20,000 is located in the Haidian district, home to Beijing’s best universities. Admission to CAU’s International College is very competitive for Chinese students. They must not only demonstrate exceptional academic aptitude, but also have strong English language skills.

American and other international students are fully immersed into the Chinese culture while living amongst their Chinese peers. Both international and Chinese students support one another as they refine their language skills, study in group project settings, and share unforgettable international experiences.

While this is not a Chinese language program, non-Chinese students are deeply immersed into the language, culture and Chinese society. CAU’s modern campus features internet access, cafeterias, classrooms, recreational facilities, open spaces and libraries. All students are enrolled at CAU with full access to all campus amenities while they receive University of Colorado Denver credit.

Living Accommodations

CAU provides spacious modern accommodation conveniently located on campus. International students will have the option to live in a student apartment or stay in a dorm. Students choosing to stay in the dorms may opt to have Chinese roommates to further their language and cultural learning objectives. Apartments includes a full kitchen, study areas, a common living area with an LCD TV.

Application Information

The Global Study China – Semester program is open to all UC Denver students in with a minimum GPA of 2.5. Mandarin language is not required. Non-UC Denver students are welcome. Please contact the Global Education office for more information: 303.315.2001 or

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