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Conversion Tools

Global Resources

Conversion Tools


Area - a tool to convert from one type of square measurement to another square measurement


CNN - current and recent exchange rates between 17 major currencies and the US dollar

OANDA - exchange rates for 164 currencies all the way back to 1990

XE - country currency rates refreshed once per minute


The Inflation Calculator - a site to adjust given amounts of money for inflation according to the Consumer Price Index, from 1800 to 2007


Google Language Tools - translations of phrases in one language to another

Word2Word - dictionaries and translation tools for over 100 languages

Lengths and Distances

Length and Distance Conversion - a tool to convert units to meters, yards, feet, inches, miles, kilometers, leagues and fathoms


Online Speed Conversion - a tool to convert speeds to mph to kph, mph to knots, mach and speed of sound


Online Temperature Conversion - a tool to convert temperatures to Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin and Rankine

Time Zones

The World Clock - a tool to convert time in one world region to another and identify current times in all areas of the globe


Travelmath - an online trip calculator that helps find answers quickly such as travel distance and travel time

Weight and Mass

Weight and Mass Conversion - a tool to convert units to grams, grains, ounces, pounds, stones, kilograms, tons and tonnes

Weights to Volume - a tool to recipe weight to recipe volume


Computer Storage - a tool to convert the size of computer drives

Gas Mileage - a tool to onvert from U.S. MPG to British MPG, from British MPG to American MPG, and from Liters per 100 Kilometers

Power - a tool to convert watts and horsepower

Pressure - a tool to convert recipe weight to recipe volume

Roman Numerals - a tool to convert

Speed - a tool to convert various speeds to other speeds

Volume - a tool to convert various amounts of liquids such as teaspoons, gallons, and barrels

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