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An important mission of CIBERs, mandated by federal legislation, is to conduct research designed to strengthen and improve the international aspects of business and professional education, to promote integrated curricula and to promote the international competitiveness of American businesses and firms including those not currently active in international trade.


UC Denver CIBER funded research

International business faculty research includes

  • International entrepreneurship
  • The global dispersion of work and its impact on the management of people
  • The Philippines, Vietnam and China outsourcing industries
  • International outsourcing in information technology
  • CIT International Outsourcing Study
  • Oil/commodity prices and their linkages to globalization
  • Foreign divestment behaviors of multinational corporations
  • Firm characteristics and MNC’s intra networks knowledge sharing
  • Global e-Commerce
  • Global networking of R&D
  • Differences in economic performance between companies and countries having higher ethical standards


Human resources faculty research includes

  • Challenges associated with managing a global workforce
  • Costs and benefits of global human resources
  • International discrimination


Management faculty research includes

  • Application of performance management systems around the world
  • Work-life programs and the bottom line in Southeast Asia
  • The need for Japanese managers to retain control over marketing production and R&D
  • Micro loans for people in underdeveloped countries
  • Autocratic rulers and whether they are inside traders


Marketing faculty research includes

  • How the use of self-service technologies in emerging markets drives down the cost
    structure of international marketing programs and enhances the competitive advantage of US firms
  • How the opportunities for control and the capability to effectively use that control interact to moderate the amount of perceived risk that managers associate with various entry-mode strategies
  • How Chinese consumer perceptions of services compare against perceptions of services in other Asian environments
  • Customer perceptions of service dimensions from American versus Asian perspectives
  • How buyers of luxury cars react to design changes in the European Union


Accounting faculty research includes

  • How culture and business practices affect the development of accounting guidelines in emerging markets
  • Liabilities defined by the International Accounting Standards Board


Finance faculty research includes

  • Long-term debt financing in China and India
  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • Euro and Japanese yen exchange rates in foreign exchange markets
  • Monetary policy related to intraday currency futures
  • International stock index ETFs
  • Time-varying stock-bond correlation over macroeconomic conditions


Health faculty research includes

  • Hospital administration training applicability in developing nations
  • The socio-economic impacts of medical tourism in India
  • Western Nations’ development of hospitals in China


Information technology faculty research includes

  • International copyright infringement in China, Taiwan and the US
  • New models for optimally addressing identified data mining problems
  • Risk analysis and its applications in China


Architecture faculty research includes

  • The architecture of globalization
  • Emergent models for international business practices in architecture
  • Metropolitan development through the study of shopping centers


Political science research includes

  • The impact of institutionalized corruption and new public management across countries


History faculty research includes

  • The crisis in coffee prices and strategies Latin American farmers have adopted to confront the declining incomes for producers
  • The Russian pharmaceutical industry


Anthropology faculty research includes

  • How the economic impact of conservation impacts people in undeveloped versus developed countries
  • International institutions governing structures and their economies


Geography faculty research includes

  • China sustainability issues


Public affairs faculty research includes

  • Credit markets and the supporting regulatory and institutional systems in developing countries
  • Changes in implementation of fiscal responsibility laws in Brazil
  • US versus Korean telephone industry business practices


Spanish faculty research includes

  • Links between international business chambers of commerce with local universities and K-12 system
  • Social equity in Latin America and the role of micro businesses and micro lending
  • Sustainable tourism in Costa Rica
  • Ties between China and Latin America and implications for studying business language and culture


Cross-disciplinary faculty research includes

  • China’s two new sovereign wealth funds and their roles in China’s financial institution reforms (finance and political science)
  • China’s bond market (finance and political science)
  • International bio-clusters (international business and health)
  • Dialogue on Globalization (multi disciplines)
  • Annotated Bibliography on Globalization (multi disciplines)


Cross-institutional faculty research includes

  • Offshoring from a host country perspective (UCD and Stanford University)

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