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Grade Book


What is the Gradebook and how does it work?

  • Only you and your instructor can see your grades. You can view your grades by Unit or by course item.

    The Grade to Date feature shows you the total number of points compared to the total number of points possible. If you don't see Grade to date, your instructor has turned off this feature.

What is the Gradebook key?

  • Review the Gradebook Key at the bottom of your Gradebook. This Key identifies the different symbols and images used in the Gradebook.
    • Points - Displays your numeric and/or letter score
    • Earned to Date - Displays the score of your assignment in relation to the rest of the course grade
    • Possible for Course - Displays the total of what is possible for the course

How do I view grades by unit?

  • On the Tools menu...
    1. Click Gradebook
    2. Locate the View Gradebook by: section on the page, and then click Unit
    3. A grid displays showing you the corresponding assignment for each Unit or week in the course

How do I view grades by course item?

  1. On the Tools menu, click Gradebook.
  2. Locate the View Gradebook by: section on the page, and then click Item.
  3. A grid displays showing you the corresponding points or overall percentage earned for each item in the course.

What does ‘weighted grade average’ mean?

  • Instructors can weight items in the Gradebook. This means instructors can assign a percentage value to each graded item relative to other graded items. (Ex- two exams might account for 50% of your grade, while weekly chat discussions accounts for 10%)

    If your instructor weights assignments relative to other assignments, your grade displays as a weighted percentage of the whole percentage possible.

    Your Course Weighted Average takes into account course assignments and exams have different weights assigned to them.

How do I view my instructor’s comments?

  • Click on any grade shown in a blue hyperlink to open the Gradebook Details window for that assignment.

What if I have issues with the Gradebook?

  • If you are unable to view your grade or you believe it to be incorrect, please contact your instructor.

    If you're still having difficulties viewing your grade, or your instructor is unavailable, please contact the eCollege helpdesk.
    • The 24 hour help desk phone number is 877-740-2214
    • Email address is
    • The Chat Help Desk is open 7am – 7pm MST. You may enter a Chat session by logging into your course, clicking on Help, clicking on Help Desk, then Chat with a Help Desk Consultant.

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