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What is Adobe Acrobat Connect?

  • Adobe Acrobat Connect is a web based application that delivers rich web experiences for distance learning, professional development, and collaboration. Professors can record lectures, hold online office hours, host international guest speakers, etc.

How do I login?

  • A username or password is not required to enter the room, just go to the Connect URL that your professor provides and choose "Enter as Guest". If you are unable to login as a guest, please contact your professor for login instructions.

Does Adobe Acrobat Connect work on a Mac?

  • Yep. Because Connect utilizes the Flash Browser plug-in, it is a cross platform application.

Are there training resources for Adobe Connect?

  • Adobe Connect Pro Overview: This website gives an overview of various modules within Adobe Connect Pro.
  • The Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ Pro Resource Center includes self-paced tutorials, best practices articles, and tips and tricks. Start by choosing from one of the topics from the getting started section or exploring the tabs in the tutorials and articles section.
  • Audio Configuration: We have seen good audio results when decreasing the silence level in the advanced audio settings and disabling the automatic gain control within Connect meeting. Click the following link to view our tutorial on how to optimize your audio settings.
  • Levels: Choosing your Input and Setting Audio Levels in Connect. These steps can used to aid you in selecting your microphone and adjusting its levels. It can also aid you in setting up an external device (such as an iPod)
  • Tutorial This is a great 12 step tutorial to optimizing your audio experience in a live Connect meeting.
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