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Accredited Online Degrees and Online Courses at University of Colorado Denver - CU Online - Denver, CO

Online Courses and Degrees, CU Online, University of Colorado Denver

Online Courses

What exactly is CU Online?

  • CU Online is a campus department that supports UC Denver’s online, hybrid and supplemented courses.

    As part of ATEL (Academic Technology and Educational Learning), CU Online offers a 7am-7 pm helpdesk (Monday through Friday) to answer student and faculty questions and provide resources and assistance.

    The faculty and staff resource team is responsible for helping professors set up their online course shells.

How do online courses work

When do online courses start and stop?

  • Your UC Denver online courses run on the same semester schedule as the on campus courses, unless otherwise stated on your schedule in UCD Access. See the course schedule planner for when a specific course starts.

What time does my online class 'meet'?

  • Online courses are considered asynchronous, which means you can login any time (day or night), unless the instructor has designated a login time for a live chat session or telephone conference. And you do not have to login a particular number of times per week, however, it is advisable to login at least every other day to stay on top of assignments.

Will I be able to travel while taking my online course?

  • “Yes, you may log on from anywhere in the world; however an ISP (Internet Service Provider), a dial-up connection, and a computer that meets the necessary video requirements are required. You can enter Adobe Connect as a guest to test your computer.

What’s the format like?

  • Your UC Denver courses can be online, hybrid or supplemented (and of course on campus).

    A course is considered "online" or "distance learning" when all course instruction and information is available at a distance. See what consitutes hybrid/ supplemented.

    Your courses are also delivered via eCollege and Blackboard, which you may want to read up on.

How do tests and quizzes work?

  • Exams are taken and administered in a variety of ways.
    • You can take "online" exams, quizzes and homework (multiple choice, T/F, fill in the blank, essays, etc.) anywhere there is Internet access. **Note - a wireless connection is NOT RECOMMENDED for your online exams.
    • Your exams and quizzes can also be "proctored" by outside parties, instructor, or the TA. You'll need to coordinate with your professor ahead of time to ensure the determined location is acceptable.
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