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Accredited iPharmD™ Online at University of Colorado Denver- CU Online - Denver, CO

PharmD Cost and Finances

Tuition and Fees: 2013-2014

Once you have registered for classes, your bill for tuition and fees will be generated through the on-campus Bursar's Office. An overview of the tuition and fees is outlined below (U.S. dollars):

New tuition rates are established each spring and normally go into effect fall semester. Many employers offer a tuition reimbursement benefit that can be applied to the costs of professional education programs. Tax benefits (life long learning credit) may also apply.

North American-Trained PharmD (NTDP) Program

NTPD New Student Fees

Background Check




NTPD Tuition and Fees Estimate:  ALL STUDENTS


$627 /credit hour x 65 credits


CU Online Tech Fee

$35 / course at 0-1.99 credit hours*

$100 / course at courses 2.0 credit hours and above



DDP Fee (Exam, online portfolo, and distance-based synchronous learning)

$60 / credit hour x 65 credits


Rotation Fees

$700 x 6 rotations


Travel to Rotations
(If needed)

$0 - $3,500 (Estimate) 
(The DDP office makes every effort for rotations to be performed locally, which most are. Occasionally, travel may be required to rotation sites. Therefore, these costs vary based on rotation site, chosen accommodations, and number of rotation needing travel.)

$0 - $3,500 (Estimate)






$51,045 - $54,545

If performing credit-by-challenges (CxC) in place of live rotations: Up to four credit-by-challenges may be submitted in place of live five credit hour rotations. The credit-by-challenges are based on each student's professional experience.

Credit-by-Challenges (CxC)
Subtract $2,835 per CxC submitted
In these cases, instead of five credit hour of rotation
tuition + rotation fees ($3,835), students pay a $1,000
flat CxC fee. This equals $2,835 savings per CxC
successfully submitted in place of a rotation. The
average number of CxCs successfully submitted per
student is 2.5.

1 CxC = $2,835
2 CxC = $5,670
3 CxC = $8,505
4 CxC = $11,340



$39,705 - $54,545


Fees and Other Costs for the NTPD program

  • Background Check Fee: for new students.
  • Matriculation Fee: for first-time students at the University of Colorado; covers expenses associated with the provision of records-related services for the lifetime of each student.
  • Technology Fee: charged per credit hour each semester.
  • Rotation Fee: charged per advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) rotation, in addition to five credit hours of tuition.
  • Credit-by-Challenge Fee: charged per credit-by-challenge portfolio.

Other Costs: Textbook requirements are determined by individual instructors, but are limited, since much of the required instructional material will be provided online.

International Trained PharmD (ITPD) Program

Under Construction – Please check back for more information or call: 303.724.7320

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