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Assistive Technology and Accessible ICT

​We provide implem​​entation and integration support for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), “assistive” or otherwise, that enhance or extend a business' ability to serve its customers or employees with disabilities. 

Accessible Workstations ​and Computer Labs

This service targe​ts customers who wish to roll out accessible computing resources (typically public labs) across one or multiple physical locations. Consultants provide expertise and knowledge management for all aspects of the project.

Assistive Tec​hnology Solutions: Compliance, Implementation and ICT Integration

This product fo​cuses on improving the accessibility of business tools, collateral and customer facing technologies by providing expertise in:

  • ​Compliance with regulatory and statutory accessibility requirements for business IT tools, web properties, electronic and print documentation

  • Integration​ of accessible and assistive technologies within existing ICT infrastructure including planning, customization, and support of business process development   

  • Implementat​ion of accessible ICT systems:

          • ​​​​Requirements definition
          • Technology selection
          • Acquisition and Configuration
          • Documentation, training and support
          • Marketing support