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Communications Technology Program

Telecommunication Equipiment

​The Communications Technology Program (CTP) makes telecommunications equipment and accessories available to qualified deaf and hard of hearing citizens in the state of Colorado through the Colorado Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (CCDHH).

The equipment includes: amplified telephones, CapTels, speaker telephones, TTYs, ​video-phones and specialized telephone equipment for deaf-blind citizens.

The CTP cart is used to provide one-on-one demonstrations and trials of products to individuals​ who are deaf or hard of hearing and professionals working with them to assist in the decision to purchase or request the most appropriate telecommunication device and to ensure individuals are getting the best possible solution for their hearing loss. The CTP cart is also used to provide device demonstrations and presentations to generate awareness to the general public on the availability of this type of device.

For more information and to apply for equipment​, visit the Communications Technology Program website​.