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D2: Integrating IPP with Enterprise Systems and Generation of Context-aware Linear Prompts

Development And Testing Of A Non-Linear Context Aware Prompting System To Assist Individuals With Cognitive Disabilities In The Completion Of Pre-Determined Vocational Tasks In A Warehouse Environment​​

Team: Alyssa Sawyer (Bioengineering M.S. student)

Will use of a newly developed non-linear context-aware prompting system improve performance of individuals with a cognitive disability when completing pre-determined vocational tasks in a warehouse setting?​

Common Methods of Accommodation require Assistance from others​

Technology is being developed to decrease and eliminate the need for job coaches​D2Capture3.PNG

Prompting Methods are an important component of the system​

Understand​ing the tasks is a critical component of designing the system​

Designing an indoor navigation smart cart user interface for adult warehouse workers with traumatic brain injury and/or intellectual and developmental disabilities​

Team: Allison Schultz (Mechanical Engineering M.S. student), Eric Gunther, M.S.

Will this smartCART User interface be able to guide people with Moderate Cognitive disability through a warehouse setting?​​

The smartCART uses RFID antennas (on the cart), and passive RFID tags (dispersed throughout the carehouse) to determine location within the warehouse. Currently, the user interface is located on a PC.

An android application is currently being developed to implement the user interface onto a tablet, which will be mounted on the cart.

Various way-finding images, icons, and animations are being explored to determine the best method to communicate navigational information to persions with mild to moderate intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Measuring physiological parameters via wrist-worn sensors, predicting mental stress based on these parameters, and implementing stress-reducing interventions​​

Team: Corey Mattson (Bioengineering Doctoral student)


Impulse Control Difficulties Are One of the main reasons People With Cognitive Disabilities Struggle to Hold Jobs

Prolonged or excessive stress negatively impacts health​

Abandonment Rates May Potentially decrease if device assimilates with current trends​

Many Relevant parameters can be indirectly measured from the wrist​

The physiological data can be fed into an algorithm to predict mental state and then employ appropriate interventions​