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Human Factors: Usability Testing Lab (UTL)

​​Current Projects

Identifying Optimal Single-Tap Button​ Specifications for Users With Mild to Moderate Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (MMIDD)​

Team: Chelsea Daniels (Bioengineering Master's student), Greg McGrewDr. Levin Sliker, Dr. Cathy Bodine

As part of the 2nd research initiative (R2) of the third installment of the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center for Advancing Cognitive Technologies (RERC-ACT III), this project is focused on identifiying user interface (UI) design features that are likely to promote technology adoptions. Currently, there are is not enough research to make definitive design specification for user interfaces. Google presents design recommendations, but these are only based on anecdotal evidence. An analytical approach to the touchscreen UI problem is vital to the success of users with MMIDD. This research project sets out determine how different neuropsychological strengths and weaknesses associated with MMIDD are correlated to optimal features of single-tap touchscreen buttons. A nueropsychological test battery identifies appropriate subjects from the potential pool, and assesses the subjects with respect to spatial awareness, executive function, memory, and physical dexterity.

A manipulable, replicable testing environment enables extensive data collection and future investigation

Statistical analysis will identify any significant relationships and interactions affecting task completion time and error rate.

​Prospective Students

If you are interested in working in the UTL, please send a resume and cover letter to Dr. Levin Sliker​.