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Iman Mohamed

Iman.jpgIman Mohamed migrated to Denver, Colorado from Sudan with her mother and siblings at the age of eight after her father’s arrival to the United States. With hard work and determination, she managed to overcome the language barrier and achieve the dream of attending college. She is a sophomore at the University of Colorado Denver majoring in Ethnic Studies. Majoring in Ethnic Studies will further develop her understanding of others as she greatly values multiple perspectives. With the help of the Daniels Fund scholarship, the BA/BS-MD program, the Undergraduate Pre-Health Program, and an Ethnic Studies Major, Iman hopes to develop the personal and professional skills necessary to become the most caring physician she can be.  Outside of college, Iman loves to be outdoors enjoying the beauty of nature, volunteering with kids, listening and dancing to music, playing tennis, as well as being in the company of her friends.​