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Assistive Technology Par​tners

Department of Bioengineering

College of Engineering and Applied Science

University of Colorado Denver

Assistive Technolo​gy Partners has moved! We now have 2 main locations on the UC Denver Auraria campus, and 1 satellite location at the Anschutz Medical Campus

​Auraria Campus Locations


If you are looking for directions to our Admin space, click here​.

Our Admin space​ houses the following programs:

  • Colorado Assistive Technology Program
  • Tech for Tykes

and the offices of

  • ​Julia Beems
  • Brian Burne
  • Marlin Cohrs
  • Lindsey Erickson
  • Chelane Garcia-Herrada
  • Patricia Heyn
  • Maureen Melonis
  • Alexis Missel
  • Chris Perkins


If you are looking for directions to our Hub space, click here​.

The Hub houses the following programs:

  • ​Clinic
  • Business Services
  • Bioengineering Labs
  • Product Testing Lab

and the offices of

  • ​Cathy Bodine
  • Becky Breaux
  • Judith De La Torre
  • Aleaza Goldberg
  • Victoria Haggett
  • Patricia Heyn
  • Greg McGrew
  • James Sandstrum
  • Kelly Waugh

Anschutz Medical Campus Location

Assistive Technology Partners has space on the Anschutz Medical Campus within the department of Bioengineering. Click here​ for directions to this space.

  • Bioengineering students
  • Coursework
  • Office for Dr. Cathy Bodine

main: 303.315.1280
fax (Hub): 303.315.1270
fax (Admin)​​: 303.315.1275