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From 50 states and more than 130 countries

They are first-generation college students. They are high-achieving grad students. They are research-focused post-docs. They are our students, a diverse body of individuals who are motivated, creative and focused on achievement. From community service to field research to clinical trials, they engage in much more than course work. Read their stories below.

Graduate profiles Fall 2014 Commencement

Lisa Taggart is a fall 2014 graduate of CU Denver

DENVER--Whether gathering supplies for her children's science projects or helping high school students design a zero-gravity bed, Sara Abdelrahman knows only one way to work: full steam. She is among the many talented CU Denver graduates this fall.

Engineering students display best work at Design Competition

Engineering students compete at the Engineering Senior Design Competition at CU Denver

DENVER—A team of civil engineering students got more than they bargained for—specifically a lesson in history and a multi-day visit to southeastern Colorado—as part of this semester's Engineer Senior Design Competition.

Photo recreation meets the original American girl

American Boy in Italy

Students replicated the iconic “American Girl in Italy” during a study-abroad course on photography. It's so similar to the original that it has been a hit with everyone who has seen it—even the original American girl.

Romero Troupe & Political Theater in the Classroom

James Walsh, PhD

James Walsh decided to reinvent his classroom, using theater to inspire his students and encourage active learning. From the classroom to the community, Walsh and the Romero Troupe are using theater to bring social justice issues to light.

Learn with Purpose: In my my own words, Ta'neijah Mooty

Ta'neijah Mooty is glad she chose to attend CU Denver

For me, learning with purpose goes beyond just being educated. Mostly, it’s about applying what you learn beyond the walls of the classroom to better your life and the lives around you.

Student Affairs re-evaluating roles

Sam Kim and Kristin Kushmider

DENVER - Student Affairs Associate Vice Chancellor Raul Cardenas, Jr., recently announced that the group is exploring and re-evaluating staff roles to optimize student services.

Learn with Purpose: In my own words, Nancy Ciccone


To me, learning with purpose means developing a deep connection with your studies so as to transform your life.

DIA Art Internship

Walter Ware

Through his internship with artist Patrick Marold, CU Denver student Walter Ware is living every artist’s dream: working on one of Denver’s highest-profile art projects for DIA.

New Taxation and Business Analytics programs prepare students for hot fields

Students at the CU Denver Business School.

DENVER—Inspired teaching can make all the difference. Matt Kelsall noticed this last summer when he took a class from Business Professor Gary Kochenberger, PhD.