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From 50 states and more than 130 countries

They are first-generation college students. They are high-achieving grad students. They are research-focused post-docs. They are our students, a diverse body of individuals who are motivated, creative and focused on achievement. From community service to field research to clinical trials, they engage in much more than course work. Read their stories below.

Spring Fling fun on CU Denver Campus

Students at the CU Denver Spring Fling

Check out all the fun students had at this year's Spring Fling event.

Pathways2Teaching creates new generation of diverse teachers

The Pathways2Teaching program was created five years ago by Margarita Bianco, EdD, SEHD associate professor, to introduce high school students to critical issues of educational justice and to teaching as a potential career path.

Welcome Back Copper Nickel

Copper Nickel re-launch party

After two years of hiatus, Copper Nickel, the literary journal housed at CU Denver, is back. Even after two years, people from across the country remember Copper Nickel and are thrilled to see it back.

Regents approve CU Denver wellness center proposal

SGA President Scott Cao with CU President Benson and Wellness Center Project Team Chair Allie Kriese

DENVER—Emotions spilled over among CU Denver students, as well as among University of Colorado leaders, during a discussion of a proposed CU Denver wellness center at Friday's CU Board of Regents meeting in the Student Commons Building.

Students display wide world of research, creativity at RaCAS

CU Denver students Kylie Helton and Ari Diamond with their Five Fridges Farm project in RaCAS

DENVER—Nuria Piadilla Just, a third-year doctoral student in cancer biology, enthusiastically explained her research into head and neck squamous cell carcinoma when fellow student Adam Duster stopped at her project poster.

Learn with Purpose: In my own words, Lesley Bishop

Lesley Bishop

My own journey through experiential learning made me understand who I am and where I want to be. Now I can witness CU Denver students achieve that same self-understanding every day. That is learning with purpose.

TEDx@MileHigh features CU Denver success story

AnnaMarie Rossi

AnneMarie Rossi, a CU Denver grad, strode confidently across the stage of Denver’s Ellie Caulkins Opera House last week. As one of the featured speakers at the TEDxYouth@MileHigh, she had the opportunity to talk about mindfulness.

Student-staffed clinic serves a population in need

DAWN Clinic

The DAWN Clinic is a student-staffed free clinic that serves uninsured adults from the Aurora community. Anschutz students serve their neighbors and learn what it means to provide quality health care to a population in need.

Music students learn from a master

Todd Rundgren

DENVER (April 7, 2015) – Music legend Todd Rundgren strolled into CU Denver’s King Center, dropped into a chair and began reminiscing about a career spanning half a century.

CAM alumnus's film chronicles state's historic legalization of marijuana

CU Denver alumnus Mitch Dickman recently directed a documentary that chronicles Colorado's historic pot legalization

DENVER—The director of "Rolling Papers," a documentary about Colorado's historic recreational marijuana legalization, said the University of Colorado Denver College of Arts & Media (CAM) gave him the tools and resources to go out and learn by doing.

Higher Education Expo for the future

Raul Cardenas, PhD, at the Higher Education Expo

On March 27, more than 1,500 high school students from various schools across Denver visited CU Denver for a firsthand look into what the university can offer.

Jason Lewis is a cyber sleuth

Jason Lewis

First a math/computer science teacher, then a police officer, and now a cyber crimes investigator for the Secret Service, senior instructor Jason Lewis teaches students about technology, crime, and answering tragedy with justice.

Learn with Purpose: In my own words, Mikel Otazua

Mikel Otazua

To learn with purpose, in my eyes, is to gain an education that serves your future, rather than just your present.

CAP students design clutch of cabins for Outward Bound

CU Denver student Sidney Aulds stands inside one of the cabins designed for Colorado Outward Bound

DENVER—You know a project is special when students happily keep working when almost everyone else has cleared out for spring break.

Iron pour: creativity at 3,000 degrees

CU Denver artists, faculty and students pour molten iron over sand molds at iron pour event at CU Denver

DENVER—Before fields turn ablaze with poppies and daffodils, a somewhat different rite of spring fills the air outside the Arts Building. This one is all about heat: flying sparks, glowing embers and flowing iron.

How we learn with purpose In our own words

How we learn with purpose

Students, faculty and staff at CU Denver talk about the many different ways they learn with purpose.

Renovations inspire creating

Tivoli CAM Renovation sketch

Where once were tired theatre seats, tattered film screens, and dusty projectors, now lives the vision of a fresh, bright learning space for CU Denver’s College of Arts and Media.

Learn with Purpose: In my own words, Jeremy Németh

Jeremy Németh

For students to learn with purpose, we must recognize that our job as professors is not necessarily to get them that first job. Instead, I believe our responsibility is to build the foundation for a student’s career.

Postdoctoral Research Day showcases student investigations

A CU Anschutz postdoc student explains his research project to a fellow participant at Postdoc Research Day

AURORA, Colo.—Postdoctoral fellows are investigators who perform basic science research that finds its way into applications that help humankind in myriad ways — from civil engineering to environmental science to disease therapies.

A Day in the Life of the Liniger Building at CU South Denver

A Day in the Life of the Liniger Building at CU South Denver

Join us for a day in the life of CU South Denver. You may be surprised to find out what’s going on every day!