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From 50 states and more than 130 countries

They are first-generation college students. They are high-achieving grad students. They are research-focused post-docs. They are our students, a diverse body of individuals who are motivated, creative and focused on achievement. From community service to field research to clinical trials, they engage in much more than course work. Read their stories below.

Student project fuels longboard firm growth

Dignitaries at Mission Main Street Grant ceremony at CU Denver Business School with KOTA Longboards

DENVER—CU Denver Business School students supplied "heart and soul" to a marketing project that is pushing an innovative local longboard company—named after World War I fighter pilots—to greater heights in the action-sports sector.

CAM film examines how a young woman fashions her future

CU Denver CAM film Red Pearl will be released in spring 2015

DENVER—The early 20s are an exciting time of life, especially when you uproot and start fresh in a new city. Such is the case for the main character in a new CAM film.

RMI Program opens up endless possibilities

The RMI Program at the CU Denver Business School is the only of its kind in the region

DENVER - Angela Carey has a problem that is the envy of most university students: She already works full time in her field. Her underwriter-in-training job takes so much time, in fact, that she is spreading her last three classes over two semesters.

First District led undergraduate student teacher residency

DPS Student Teacher Residency Program

Lindsey Knickerbocker and Venus Robinson are two of the first six CU Denver students to find inspiration and gain real-world classroom teaching experiences through the new Student Teacher Residency program with Denver Public Schools (DPS).

Health and Western hospitality

David Atz confers with CU Anschutz health booth volunteer Cailey McClurken during stock show

DENVER—Five-year-old Zoe Atkins enjoyed the free health screenings at the Stock Show so much that she came back for seconds. The volunteers at the CU Anschutz-operated booth were more than happy to oblige.

Hispanic intern gets chance of a lifetime in Washington, DC

Jennifer Villalobos

When Jennifer Villalobos stood before the U.S. Constitution, her vision of the future changed. As she admired the remarkable document that has influenced history, she suddenly realized that anything was possible for her life.

CU Night at Stock Show corrals Western spirit

The Atkins family enjoys a visit to the CU Anschutz health screening booth at National Western Stock Show

DENVER—Sitting next to Milo the Lynx on the back of a stage coach, CU Denver student Derrick Gallegos found himself under the spotlight and circling the arena floor to the raucous cheers of a full house at the Denver Coliseum Friday evening.

Slope Battle 2014

Slope Battle 2014

Which Rocky Mountain slope is best? We asked all of you in the CU Denver|Anschutz community to tell us on Facebook which mountain resort is your favorite, and now the results are in!

Graduate profiles Fall 2014 Commencement

Lisa Taggart is a fall 2014 graduate of CU Denver

DENVER--Whether gathering supplies for her children's science projects or helping high school students design a zero-gravity bed, Sara Abdelrahman knows only one way to work: full steam. She is among the many talented CU Denver graduates this fall.