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University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus

University of Colorado Denver, Newsroom


Global citizens, dedicated to teaching

With more than 4,000 faculty members, our university boasts expertise in subjects—from architecture to nursing, from business to animation, from creative writing to dental medicine. Our faculty direct plays, study cancer cells, travel to developing countries, discover medical treatments and so much more. Even in their diversity, they all share a love of learning, a dedication to teaching and a desire for excellence. Read their stories below.

Why I teach at CU Denver and Anschutz Medical Campus

Jared Brown and Zaneta Thayer are young and new professors at CU Denver Anschutz Medical Campus

Two young standout professors appreciate the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus for similar reasons: Research support and freedom, collaboration across disciplines, and the ability to teach.

Decoding Ethnic Labels


As an undergraduate at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Carlos Hipolito-Delgado, PhD, knew instinctively that the ethnic labels his fellow students chose said something about their perception of themselves and their values.

Education researcher experiments with Google Glass in classroom

Bud Talbot uses Google Gass in the classroom.

#ifIhadglass, I could see if it would make me a better teacher.” With those words, Robert (Bud) Talbot III, PhD, made his case for participating in Google’s Glass Explorer Program.

Helping Spanish-speaking children with autism

Research shows that children from Spanish-speaking homes receive autism diagnoses as much as two years later than children from English-speaking homes.

Bob and Lennie Damrauer donate to create STEM lecture series

Bob and Lennie Damrauer

To Damrauer, a professor of chemistry, special assistant to the provost and newly appointed associate vice chancellor for research, the building has come to represent more than just a new center for student and academic life at the university.

Award-winning teachers make education their priority

Margarita Bianco, PhD, is the kind of teacher who receives a thank-you note from the mother of one of her students saying, “You were the first to give [us] hope and direction …. You are very special to this family.”

Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion

Brenda Allen, PhD, Associate Vice Chancellor

My new position as associate vice chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion feels like a culminating opportunity. I have been doing work related to the goals of this job for many years as part of my scholarship and academic career.

Diana Tomback researches whitebark pine

My area of expertise is forest ecology, and my area of special interest is whitebark pine, a very important tree that occurs commonly at the highest elevations that our forests grow.

Blood Wedding director, Jose Mercado

"Blood Wedding" gets bilingual. Mercado taps into Lorca’s poetry, Hughes’ translation and students’ passion.