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 Alumni Stories


CU Denver alum helps create Maggie Daley Park


When Maggie Daley Park opens on the lakefront of Chicago in fall 2014, it will provide an opportunity for Juli Ordower, MLA, a graduate of the CU Denver College of Architecture and Planning to showcase her talent and training.

Joanne Posner Mayer pioneered use of fitball in USA.

Joanne Posner-Mayer used her training as a physical therapist to create a business pioneering the use of fitballs in the United States.

Jeff Gipson shares Oscar glory for "Frozen"

Jeff Gipson

One year ago, Jeff Gipson watched the Academy Awards 2013 and thought to himself “Wouldn’t it be great to work on a film that actually won one of those awards?” This month, Gipson is posing for photographs with an Oscar for "Frozen.”

Alumnus Mario "DJ Chonz" Rodriguez

Mario "DJ Chonz" Rodriguez

Tune in to KS 107.5 radio station, and you can hear the voice of a CU Denver alumnus. His name is Mario Rodriguez, better known as "DJ Chonz," a long-time disc jockey for Denver's largest hip-hop station and one of Colorado's most well-known DJs.

Alumni lead during flood disaster and recovery

During the floods of 2013, CU Denver alumni led the state and federal effort to save lives and property and begin recovery.


 Faculty Stories


Colorado School of Public Health Obesity Symposium

Obesity Symposium

More than 150 public health practitioners and obesity experts from the spectrum of the health industry, academia and research gathered on Thursday, Nov. 12 for the Colorado School of Public Health’s one-day symposium on obesity and public health.

Decoding Ethnic Labels


As an undergraduate at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Carlos Hipolito-Delgado, PhD, knew instinctively that the ethnic labels his fellow students chose said something about their perception of themselves and their values.

EDU initiative for teachers by teachers

Shelley Zion, PhD and  Laura Summers, PhD

EDU is housed in a brightly painted, expansive space on the ground level of the Denver Place North Tower at 988 18th St. At an opening reception on Sept. 23, local educators wandered through the conference and meeting rooms and began doing exactly what ED


 Patient Stories


Assistive Technology Partners helps baby boomers and vets

Hand bike

In a low-slung building at 18th and Pearl in Denver, 15 faculty, staff and students, including engineers, clinicians, therapists and educators, transform lives and society every day.

Assistive Technology Partners creates a toy for Jadyn

Jadyn and his new toy

When Chelsea Arenas tried to find toys for her 6-year-old son, she always came up empty-handed—until the faculty and staff at Assistive Technology Partners (ATP) decided to take on the challenge of creating a toy for a child like Jadyn.

UCHealth pulls together to prep for Ebola

Ebola virus

To ensure policies are standardized and communicated expeditiously across the system, UCHealth’s Senior Executive Group decided all recommendations for preparing for and responding to Ebola will be funneled through Chief Medical Officer William Neff, MD.

A Decade of Deliveries for Center of Midwifery

The nurse midwives of the CFM.

The Center for Midwifery had a record 55 births in August, and the schedule at the Lone Tree practice, which opened in April, is full.

Women with gestational diabetes don't have to avoid carbs


Results from the study of 16 women with gestational diabetes indicate that these moms-to-be don’t need to avoid carbs if they choose the right ones.

One family with two heart transplant experiences

Holly and Brian Sherry

On Dec. 17, 2011, 48-year-old Brian Sherry was folding laundry when he first experienced an unusual electric sensation on the left side of his chest. He dialed 911. That call began a three-year medical odyssey for him.

Patient Savors Apparent Victory over Hep C Foe

Mosezella White

After a full physical revealed a colon polyp and elevated liver enzymes, Mosezella White was referred to a gastroenterologist, who shocked her with the news that she had hepatitis C, a blood-borne disease that causes chronic inflammation of the liver.

Living with cancer

Ellen and Ben Smith

In the five years since Ellen Smith was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer, she has been busy. She traveled the world, indulging her love of art and art history. She celebrated the births of four more grandchildren, and married her “best friend.”

Grand opening of new CU medical center in Guatemala

Grand opening of new CU medical center in Guatemala

BANASA FARM, Guatemala (April 14, 2014) - Standing before a gleaming new building rising from the surrounding ramshackle villages, Gustavo Bolaños delivered a simple yet powerful message to the assembled dignitaries and banana plantation workers.

Special Care Clinic fills important dental health care gap

CU dental school students replace a filling on a patient in the Special Care Clinic

AURORA, Colo.(March 31, 2014)—Harold Fowler sits calmly as gauze gets packed around his teeth and the high-pitched whir of a drill fills the room. Outside the Special Care Clinic in the CU School of Dental Medicine sits his mother, Reather Fowler.


 Researcher Stories


Dinosaur track expert leaving imprint on Moab museum

CU Denver Professor Martin Lockley serves as science director of new dinosaur museum in Moab

<p>DENVER—A dinosaur museum is rising from the sandstone bluffs near Moab. Just as he did during a 30-year career at CU Denver, dinosaur footprints expert Martin Lockley, PhD, is leaving his imprint on the moon-like landscape of eastern Utah.</p>

Nurse researches and helps homeless adolescents

Scott Harpin

Scott Harpin's association with Urban Peak, an organization dedicated to serving homeless youth in the Denver metro area and Colorado Springs, began in 2012.

Marcy Benson a tireless advocate for Anschutz Medical Campus

CU First Lady Marcy Benson and Huntington Potter, PhD, a renowned Alzheimer's researcher, at Anschutz Medical Campus

AURORA, Colo.—Perhaps the most relentless advocate, and prodigious fundraiser, at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus is someone who doesn't even work there—CU First Lady Marcy Benson.

Colorado Diet

Julie Bianco

Julie Bianco has been trying to lose weight for most of her adult life. Low-carb diets, calorie-counting diets, grapefruit diets—she’s tried too many diets to count. But now she’s on one that she’s convinced will work, permanently: the Colorado Diet.


 Student Stories:


Slope Battle 2014

Slope Battle 2014

Which Rocky Mountain slope is best? We asked all of you in the CU Denver|Anschutz community to tell us on Facebook which mountain resort is your favorite, and now the results are in!

Graduate profiles Fall 2014 Commencement

Lisa Taggart is a fall 2014 graduate of CU Denver

DENVER--Whether gathering supplies for her children's science projects or helping high school students design a zero-gravity bed, Sara Abdelrahman knows only one way to work: full steam. She is among the many talented CU Denver graduates this fall.

Engineering students display best work at Design Competition

Engineering students compete at the Engineering Senior Design Competition at CU Denver

DENVER—A team of civil engineering students got more than they bargained for—specifically a lesson in history and a multi-day visit to southeastern Colorado—as part of this semester's Engineer Senior Design Competition.

Photo recreation meets the original American girl

American Boy in Italy

Students replicated the iconic “American Girl in Italy” during a study-abroad course on photography. It's so similar to the original that it has been a hit with everyone who has seen it—even the original American girl.

Romero Troupe & Political Theater in the Classroom

James Walsh, PhD

James Walsh decided to reinvent his classroom, using theater to inspire his students and encourage active learning. From the classroom to the community, Walsh and the Romero Troupe are using theater to bring social justice issues to light.

Learn with Purpose: In my my own words, Ta'neijah Mooty

Ta'neijah Mooty is glad she chose to attend CU Denver

For me, learning with purpose goes beyond just being educated. Mostly, it’s about applying what you learn beyond the walls of the classroom to better your life and the lives around you.

Student Affairs re-evaluating roles

Sam Kim and Kristin Kushmider

DENVER - Student Affairs Associate Vice Chancellor Raul Cardenas, Jr., recently announced that the group is exploring and re-evaluating staff roles to optimize student services.

Learn with Purpose: In my own words, Nancy Ciccone


To me, learning with purpose means developing a deep connection with your studies so as to transform your life.

DIA Art Internship

Walter Ware

Through his internship with artist Patrick Marold, CU Denver student Walter Ware is living every artist’s dream: working on one of Denver’s highest-profile art projects for DIA.

New Taxation and Business Analytics programs prepare students for hot fields

Students at the CU Denver Business School.

DENVER—Inspired teaching can make all the difference. Matt Kelsall noticed this last summer when he took a class from Business Professor Gary Kochenberger, PhD.

Amping up awareness of dangers of marijuana

Students compete in the Public Health Case Competition at CU Anschutz

AURORA, Colo.—A team explained how their "Amped" program would reduce marijuana use among adolscents. Their proposal was selected the winner of the second annual Rocky Mountain Region Public Health Case Competition.

Akram Atallah Internet Transformation

CU Denver alumnus discusses the future of the Internet

Atallah, a CU Denver alumnus, is now the president of Global Domains at ICANN, where he directly impacts the expansion and evolution of the Internet. He came to CU Denver to discuss the future of the Internet.

Veterans Day Ceremony thanks service members

CU Denver student Meaghan Buckley addresses audience at Veterans Day Ceremony

DENVER—A Veteran's Day Ceremony this morning in Tivoli Turnhalle paid homage to the duty, service and integrity of our military veterans, and particularly the many student veterans who enrich the university community each day with those characteristics.

Why veterans love the Heroes Clinic

Why veterans love this place

If something sounds too good to be true, it often isn’t true, but the CU Heroes Clinic at the CU School of Dental Medicine on the Anschutz Medical Campus is the exception.

$200 advance deposit no longer required for class registration

A reason to jump for joy

DENVER (Nov. 6, 2014) – CU Denver Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Raul Cardenas, Jr., PhD, was determined to make the registration process easier for continuing students.

Carlina Rinaldi shares insights at CU Denver

Carlina Rinaldi

Dean Rebecca Kantor and the School of Education & Human Development recently hosted a two-week visit by world-renowned education scholar Carlina Rinaldi.

Learn with Purpose campaign takes flight at airport

Large CU Denver floor signage is part of the Learn with Purpose installation at the DIA Concourse C train station

DENVER—The "Learn with Purpose" campaign is lifting off to new heights. CU Denver logos as well as the faces of students and faculty from our campus, will greet passengers at Denver International Airport as they stroll the Concourse C train station.

Human Development and Family Relations program offers courses in Spanish

Maria Garcia

Maria Garcia is minoring in CU Denver’s new Human Development and Family Relations (HDFR) concentration in the School of Education & Human Development, the first program of its kind in the US to offer courses in Spanish.

CAP students survey Denver neighborhoods

CU Denver College of Architecture and Planning Instructor Abigail Christman points out designs of Park Hill homes to her class

DENVER—With clipboards in hand, a dozen CU Denver students stand in front of an English-style cottage and begin jotting down details about the well-kept home's porch, fence, windows, chimneys, shingles and gables.

Qdoba opens to rave reviews in Student Commons Building

CU Denver students line up at the counter of the new Qdoba restaurant in the Student Commons Building

DENVER—As they enjoyed a lunch of burritos, guacamole and tortilla chips, CU Denver students Emily Gall, Simi Abraham and Taylor Warner gave CU Denver's new Qdoba restaurant high marks for cuisine and convenience.

Learn with Purpose: In my my own words, Elysia Vigil

Elysia Vigil

Learning with purpose, to me, means being able to apply what you learn to make the world a better place. The key to our future is through our children and their teachers’ abilities to influence success.

Students learn design can improve life

INDEX breakout group

CU Denver hosted two educators from INDEX: Design to Improve Life, a Danish nonprofit design organization intent on inspiring, educating and engaging communities around the world.

School Psychology Degree gains national reputation

Tiffany Joel moved to Denver from Vancouver, BC, to attend CU Denver’s School Psychology program. Now an academic year toward obtaining her doctor of psychology (PsyD) degree, she’s more certain than ever that CU Denver was the right choice.

Mile High Healthy Relationships Alliance Prevents Domestic Violence

Mile High Healthy Relationships Alliance

CU Denver’s Center on Domestic Violence has introduced an ambitious new program, Mile High Healthy Relationships Alliance, designed specifically to address domestic violence with Denver students, families and communities.

High school students use cancer cells in research

Steven Nordeen, PhD

A partnership between researchers at University of Colorado Cancer Center and Overland High School is enabling high school students to conduct a state-of-the-art scientific experiment with real cancer cells.

Gala raises scholarship funds for veterans

CU Denver and CU Anschutz student veterans pose with their wives at veterans scholarship fundraiser

PARKER, Colo.—Gregory Stube, speaker at "Combat to Classroom: A Salute to Service," encouraged attendees to "throw your wallets at this auction." They raised over $170,000 for scholarships for combat veterans at CU Denver and CU Anschutz.

Learn with Purpose: In my own words, Daniel Alvarez

Daniel Alvarez

CU Denver’s “Learn with Purpose” has transformed my passion for knowledge into real-life accomplishments, and that’s much more worthwhile than just simply gaining a diploma.

New CEM offers unique interdisciplinary program

CEM students pose at a construction site in Denver

DENVER—Professor Kevin Rens knows that construction projects involve everything from fine-tuned machinery to our feathered friends. The potential disturbance of a rare species' nest is one of the many issues construction engineers face on the job.

CU Grad Fair Inspires Students

Grad Fair

Dozens of graduate programs from CU Denver and CU Anschutz brought their best game to the 2014 Graduate School Fair on Sept. 17 at St. Cajetan’s Church on the CU Denver campus.

Undergraduate Experiences Symposium

Undergraduate Symposium

Since 2005, staff, faculty and students have attended the Undergraduate Experiences Symposium to discuss opportunities for growth of undergraduate education at CU Denver, but this year was all about moving from discussion to implementation.

Fashion and research converge on runway


For a fashion-conscious researcher at the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, competing on the runway was an intriguing challenge she could not pass up.

The Lynx Center is Here to Help

Lynx Center

The Lynx Center is an information one-stop-shop for all prospective and current CU Denver undergraduate and graduate students. It's there just to make the lives of students easier.

Walkstations help students get moving

Walkstations help students get moving

This June, the Health Sciences Library installed two Steelcase Walkstations to help students break out of their static studying routine and incorporate movement in their day.

Dawn Comstock Game-Changing Research

Dawn Comstock and President Barack Obama

Dawn Comstock was one of five experts invited by the White House to speak about the growing risk of concussions in adolescent sports. Comstock has made it her personal mission to make sports safer for the country’s teens with her database, RIO.

Learn with Purpose: In my own words, Sarah Trzeciak

Sarah Trzeciak

Sarah Trzeciak, Director of the Career Center, says "Learn with Purpose" is about the deeper meaning driving education. It's about working with purpose.

CAP helps bring library to historic ranch

Rocky Mountain Land Library in South Park will showcase nature books

CU Denver's College of Architecture and Planning has been a key player in bringing the land library—a nature study center that combines a collection of books with residential facilities—to a pristine piece of Colorado history.

Anschutz Block Party a success despite brisk day

Students enjoy the interactive activities at the Anschutz Block Party on Friday

AURORA, Colo.—An occasional "brrrr" rose up between golf swings, volleyball bumps and bites of burrito, but the hearty souls at the Anschutz Medical Campus still turned out en masse for the second annual Anschutz Block Party on Friday

Learn with Purpose: In my own words, Raul Cardenas

Raul Cardenas

Raul Cardenas, Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, says learning with purpose is learning for change.

University Technical Assistance helps Colorado small towns


More than 30 students are getting real-world experience through the University Technical Assistance (UTA) program, which matches talented students with small Colorado communities that need help with urban design and planning.

Learn with Purpose: In my own words, Yiying Liu

Yiying Liu

Yiying Liu defines "learn with purpose" as learning what she loves. At CU Denver, she can learn what she loves to accomplish her goals.

CU Denver Block Party rocks downtown

An engineering student operates a wheel game at the CU Denver Block Party in downtown Denver

DENVER-This year's CU Denver Block Party, with the theme "Back in Black & Gold," was bigger and better than ever.

The Pharmacist Hunter is BAAAACK

The Pharmacist Hunter

The Pharmacist Hunter is back and he’s on a quest to discover what students (aka pharmies) do during pharmacy school at the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Top Five Reasons You'll Love CU Denver's New Building

Academic Building One

CU Denver's new academic building is not just another set of computer labs and lecture halls–it’s an innovative space designed specifically for student convenience. Here are five reasons why you should check it out.

Class of 2018 sets records

Reilly Quist and Daniel Ramirez

More than 7,000 students applied to start their freshman year in fall 2014. That's 66 percent more freshman applications than CU Denver received for the academic year starting in fall 2013.

Learn with Purpose: In my own words, Billy Overton

Billy Overton

Billy Overton thinks "Learn with Purpose" means "learn with practice."

"Getting Out There"

Matt Davidson ice climbing in Ouray, CO

With more than 100 adventure trips each year, Outdoor Adventure uses rock climbing, canyoneering, mountaineering, kayaking, and backpacking to turn CU Denver students into adventurers.

Rural Immersion

The students, from the schools of medicine, including the MD and physician assistant program, pharmacy and nursing, visited Lamar, for five days to gain an insight into rural life.

Slam Poet "Breaks the Wall"

Jovan Mays with young writers

The Denver Writing Project partners with slam poet Jovan Mays to lead teachers and young writers in a week of workshops centered on writing.

Digital animation creates children’s book

Howard Cook

Seniors in the College of Arts and Media recently completed their group capstone project, “I Need My Monster,” a short film adaptation of a children’s book by the same name.

CU South Denver location creates opportunity

Nursing program at CU South Denver location very popular

CU College of Nursing student Meredith Jameson, a mother of three, is excited to be able to take classes that are close to her home in Littleton.

New academic course studies drones


DENVER (June 24, 2014) - Take a look at the current CU Denver catalog and you will see a course titled Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). It may be the only academic course of its kind in the country.

40 Under 40 winners trace success to CU Denver

Sabrina D'Agosta, Kelli Kelly and Jennifer Leitsch are CU Denver graduates named among the 40 Under 40 in Denver this year

DENVER—They may be young and early in their careers, but for good reason they've reached positions of influence and responsibility. Each of this year's "40 Under 40" winners who earned degrees at CU Denver trace success to their alma mater.

Top Brazilian students make impressive addition to CU Denver

Two Brazilian students chat between classes at the ESL Academy at CU Denver

DENVER—Brazilians are renowned for their Carnival, soccer and zest for life. The country's flair is on display this summer as the globe watches the World Cup. In Denver, dozens of Brazilians are focusing on a different prize—enhancing their education.

Getting Info, Making Connections

Milo with new student

Even though much of New Student Orientation is about conveying the nuts and bolts of the beginning of college, the day is also about connection.

CU Denver graduate hopes to help end homelessness

CU Denver graduate Penpa Dolma has her commencement cap adjusted by her husband and fellow grad Brett Engle

DENVER—Penpa Dolma. The name exudes a certain grace. Penpa means "Saturday"—the day of her birth—and Dolma is a female Buddha of compassion. But Dolma, a former Tibetan refugee, once had a name devoid of poetry.

Julee Herdt and students create future with sustainable building material

Caitlin Pfarr

Julee Herdt was the architecture faculty lead in back-to-back wins a decade ago for CU in the prestigious U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon competition. Now she wants her students to know how it feels to innovate for sustainability—and win.

Hundreds of talented students graduate from Anschutz Medical Campus

Anschutz Medical Campus

AURORA, Colo. (May 23, 2014)—The skies cleared Friday morning, bathing the Anschutz Medical Campus is bright sunshine after days of drenching rains and swirling winds. It couldn't have been a more perfect setting for spring commencement.

Future Physicians

Denver Campus graduates

On Saturday, May 17, nearly 1300 graduates walked across the dais on the University of Colorado Denver campus, accepted their diplomas and began the next chapter of their lives.

Top ten things to do before you graduate

Top things to do in Colorado before you graduate

Whether you’re studying at the Anschutz Medical Campus or the Denver Campus, we all have one thing in common—Colorado is our backyard and playground.

Noises Off production generates laughs

Actors perform a scene from production of Noises Off at CU Denver

If you're in need of a good laugh, don't miss CAM's spring performance of "Noises Off" which shows the audience what happens backstage when a play falls apart onstage.

More scholarships mean more access at CU Denver

Chancellor Don Elliman is championing the 1000 MORE scholarship initiative at CU Denver

DENVER-Imagine how many more lives would pivot in a dream-fulfilling direction if financial support for CU Denver students grew exponentially. Envision how thousands more success stories would be created. Imagined 1000 MORE.

Business School capstone turns into entrepreneurial startup

The University of Colorado Hospital Emergency Room collaborated with CU Denver Business School to test new ER design innovations

DENVER and AURORA, Colo.—CU Denver Business School students Allyson Robbins and Michelle Boyd knew they had a powerful tool in a software program that analyzes workplace operations.

CU Denver: First choice school was right choice

Eighteen months ago, these students made CU Denver their first choice. Now, as sophomores, they explain why that was the right decision.

Our master's degrees connect grads to top jobs

Civil Engineering students

The University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus awards more graduate degrees than any other public institution in the state—and more of these graduates are entering growing and highly compensated fields.

PAL Mentors Help Freshmen

Bhawana Mohan, PAL

CU Denver's Peer Advocate Leaders (PALs) provide mentoring and peer-level support for first-year students to help them feel comfortable on campus, succeed academically and, ultimately, graduate.

Milo the Lynx builds school spirit, community and pride.

Milo the Lynx celebrates his first birthday.

In his first year, Milo the Lynx has helped CU Denver build community and create school pride.

Service dog, therapist and researcher help veterans

Lulu, our new service dog

When Jill Wilschke, LMFT, arrived at CU Denver as the new veteran mental health specialist, she brought her "co-therapist," Lulu, a black Labrador retriever service dog.

New Undergraduate Degree in Education

In January 2014, Tina Smith became one of the first students to begin work toward a BA in Teaching, Learning and Development, the first undergraduate degree offered by the School of Education & Human Development (SEHD).

Remberto Rivera graduates with Denver Scholarship Foundation help

Remberto Rivera

Remberto Rivera is first-generation graduate who made it with the help of the Denver Scholarship Foundation.

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