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Wu named founding editor-in-chief of new journal  

Jonathan Wu
Civil Engineering Professor Jonathan Wu has been tapped as the founding editor-in-chief of a new journal, Transportation Infrastructure Geotechnology. The Journal will be published quarterly by Springer, with whom more than 150 Nobel prize-winners have published their work.

 Transportation infrastructure, including bridge abutments, retaining walls, embankments, foundations, roadways, railways, tunnels, culverts, airports, seaports, in many parts of the world are in dire need of repair, rehabilitation, and new construction. The need is fast approaching a state of crisis. The impending crisis is in part caused by decades of inadequate investments and poor rehabilitation of the infrastructure. The crisis is exacerbated by the seemingly more frequent occurrence of devastating natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tsunami, etc. Failure to provide sound and efficient transportation infrastructure will threaten services essential to enable, sustain, or enhance human societal living conditions. The U.S. Department of Transportation has recently implemented the “Everyday Counts Initiative” to accelerate implementation of innovative technology to revitalize the failing U.S. transportation infrastructure.  
Over the past two decades, most new developments and innovations in transportation infrastructure have been in the area of geotechnology. Most notably, new construction materials (such as geosynthetics, chemical treated soil, and recycled materials) have been employed with increasing frequency in earthwork construction. Also, new construction techniques (including the use of innovative ground-improvement methods) have been developed, and much attention has been paid to sustainability of these geosystems.
The new journal, Transportation Infrastructure Geotechnology, aims to provide an up-to-date reference and an expeditious dissemination of new developments in transportation infrastructure geotechnology to researchers and practicing engineers engaged in geotechnical aspects of transportation infrastructure. The theme of this Journal will be on the geotechnical “technology” as applied to transportation infrastructure, and is not limited to the “mechanics” aspects. Articles reporting case histories, with satisfactory or dissatisfactory performance, are welcomed. Practicing professionals in the industry are especially encouraged to share their experiences.
The Journal will feature high-quality peer-reviewed articles on:
•geotechnical design and analysis of transportation infrastructure
•case histories in transportation infrastructure geotechnology
•construction, repairs, rehabilitation
•geosynthetics and applications
•ground improvement techniques
•geomaterials and recycled materials
•earthwork and performance evaluation of transportation facilities
•sustainability, risk assessment, and environmental issues
•geotechnics for pavements

The Editorial Board of the Journal consists of some of the world’s best academics and practitioners, including Fumio Tatsuoka (Tokyo University of Science, Japan), Junichi Koseki (University of Tokyo, Japan), Jean-Pierre Gourc (Grenoble University, France), Kenichi Soga (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom), Hai-Sui Yu (University of Nottingham, United Kingdom), Arne Instanes (Norwegian Geotechnical Institute), Buddhima Indraratna (University of Wollongon, Australia), Calvin VanBuskirk (Terratech Consulting, Canada), Hoe Ling (Columbia University), Michael Adams (U.S. Federal Highway Administration), and Robert Barrett (U.S. Soil Nail Launcher). The first issue of the Journal will be launched in January 2014.



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