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April 2012

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News from April 2012:

New scholarship to help university enroll CU Succeed students

From left, CU Succeed lecturer Paula Gallegos, Associate Director Jason Robinson and Program Coordinator Fatimah Ben-Masaud

DENVER (April 2, 2012) - A commitment of $100,000 from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will enable CU Succeed to offer $1,500 to CU Succeed Program students in their first year of enrollment at CU Denver.

Think Tank advertising campaign attracts undergraduates to enroll at CU Denver

Students in North Classroom watch videos that are part of the Think Tank advertising campaign

DENVER (March 2, 2012) - Jon Adams watched spots from the new CU Denver "Think Tank" advertising campaign this morning. A Think Tank launch party with pizza was held in the North Classroom.

Getting a 'feel' for college in the future

Henry World School at CU Denver

DENVER (April 4, 2012) - Sixth and seventh graders from the Denver Public School District’s (DPS) Henry World School were welcomed to CU Denver at the Auraria Campus on April 3.

Spring storm puts response team on alert

Students walk to class in the sloppy conditions of a spring storm Tuesday morning.

DENVER and AURORA, Colo. (April 3, 2012) - The storm that moved into the greater metro area overnight is a chilly, wet reminder of ‘springtime in the Rockies.’

CU Denver professor spearheads effort to renovate historic theatre

The stage of Elitch Gardens Theatre is being renovated to give rebirth to the historic cultural facility

DENVER (April 3, 2012) - Elitch Gardens Theatre has seen better days, like when Grace Kelly and Robert Redford performed there. The historic theater is poised for a rebirth, thanks to the efforts of CU Denver faculty member Jose Mercado.

Surgeon General highlights power of prevention, new wellness center

U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin begins her walk with James Hill, director of the Colorado Center for Health and Wellness

AURORA, Colo. (April 4, 2012) - U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin and leaders of the new Colorado Center for Health and Wellness practiced what they preach: They walked a mile. The walk was to promote National Public Health Week.

Lung cancer drug requires monitoring of testosterone levels

Anschutz Cancer Pavilion

AURORA, Colo. (April 4, 2012) - Men experience a marked drop in their testosterone levels when taking a targeted therapy to control a specific type of lung cancer. That’s according to a University of Colorado Cancer.

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food

Kathleen Merrigan, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Agriculture

DENVER (April 5, 2012) - U.S. Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Kathleen Merrigan is visiting college campuses to spread the word about “the window of opportunity that exists now in American agriculture.”

Center for Commodities opens with new partnership

The J.P. Morgan Center for Commodities is a first-of-its-kind partnership

DENVER (April 5, 2012) - J.P. Morgan and CU Denver today announced the opening of the J.P. Morgan Center for Commodities, a first-of-its-kind partnership in the academic world.

Colorado River shows what happens when too much is asked of limited resource

Peter McBride talks about his book "Colorado River: Flowing Through Conflict" at Anschutz Medical Campus

AURORA, Colo. (April 5, 2012) - Peter McBride shared observations about a disappearing river during a presentation on his book, "The Colorado River: Flowing Through Conflict," at the Visibly Human Symposium.

Students, faculty and staff receive Rosa Parks Diversity Awards

Winners of the Rosa Parks Diversity Awards 2012

DENVER (April 6, 2012) - Students, staff and faculty on the Denver Campus were honored with Rosa Parks Diversity Awards at a luncheon today at St. Cajetans.

Lakewood students headed to CU Denver recognized on College Friday

Lakewood High students grab CU Denver souvenirs at College Friday

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (April 6, 2012) - Ashley Roberts, a senior at Lakewood High School, is anxious to get her future under way next fall at CU Denver. About 20 Lakewood seniors were recognized on College Friday today.

Job injuries among youth prompt calls for better regulations

Carol Runyan, Ph.D., MPH

AURORA, Colo. (April 9, 2012) - Dozens of American youth under the age of 20 die on the job each year while thousands more are injured, often due to poorly regulated work environments, according to a new report from the Colorado School of Public Health.

Rep. DeGette says gains being made on ensuring food safety

Judith Albino, right, dean of the Colorado School of Public Health, gives a plaque of appreciation to U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette

AURORA, Colo. (April 9, 2012) - The United States is on course for a comprehensive food safety system for the 21st century, but bureaucratic and financial hurdles remain, U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colo., said today.

Looking for answers to diabetes

Senator Bennet tours Barbara Davis Center

AURORA, Colo. (April 10, 2012) - Colorado Senator Michael Bennet met with young diabetes patients during a visit at the Barbara Davis Center on the Anschutz Medical Campus last week.

High schoolers get glimpse into mysteries of cellular biology

Dorothy Agyemang, an Aurora Public Schools student, operates a surgical device during a lab tours outreach program

AURORA, Colo. (April 10, 2012) - Six labs in the School of Medicine offered demonstrations to students from Aurora Public Schools this morning. The outreach program was delivered by faculty and researchers in Cell and Developmental Biology.

TEDMED conference explores new ideas in health and medicine

TEDMED is a four-day conference on forward-thinking healthcare issues being simulcast at Anschutz Medical Center

AURORA, Colo. (April 11, 2012) - Hearing about new ideas in biosciences and other healthcare issues drew Holli Riebel, president of the Colorado BioScience Association, to the TEDMED 2012 simulcast at Anschutz Medical Campus this morning.

Exploring the meaning of social justice

Students for social justice stand near a banner featuring social justice themes near Tivoli Student Union

DENVER (April 11, 2012) - When individuals with similiar goals get together 'things' can happen. That's exactly how The Collective for Social Change has been evolving on the Auraria Campus.

UCH Social worker shaving her head for cancer patients at pizzeria

Beau Jo's pizza

AURORA, Colo. (April 12, 2012) – When Joan Hart walks out of the Beau Jo’s restaurant on Saturday, April 14 she’ll be a hero for the cancer patients she helps every day. Joan will also be completely bald.

Red Flags fly as symbol of awareness campaign

Volunteers at Red Flag Campaign

DENVER (April 12, 2012) - A field of red flags and bunches of red balloons fluttered in the breeze outside the Tivoli Student Center on the Auraria Campus today as part of the ongoing campaign to raise awareness and stop interpersonal violence.

Instilling better eating habits in children one lunch at a time

Brian Wansink talks about childhood dietary habits during obesity symposium

AURORA, Colo. (April 13, 2012) - In U.S. school lunchrooms, the immediate environment presented to children doesn't always promote the best nutritional choices, Brian Wansink, PhD, said at Anschutz Medical Center.

West urges sensitivity toward those who are suffering

Cornel West delivers the keynote speech at the Art of Social Justice conference

DENVER (April 13, 2012) - Numerous times during a rousing speech, Cornel West talked about straightening backs, lifting voices and finding courage. Those actions are necessary in order to deliver social justice to those who are suffering, he said.

Lab safety training for student workers

DENVER (April 13, 2012) - The University of Colorado Denver l Anschutz Medical Campus Environmental Health and Safety team is working to raise awarness, offer traning and monitor lab activities as part of an overall safety effort.

Comparative Literature Professor Speaks to Problems in Multilingualism

Mark Shell, Harvard University professor of Comparative Literature

DENVER (April 16, 2012) - The words we use and the language we use to say those words are critical components of our message according to Mark Shell, Harvard University professor of Comparative Literature.

Opening day for fitness center at Anschutz Medical Campus

Opening day for fitness center

AURORA, Colo. (April 16, 2012) – Before the sun even came, registered members of the Colorado Center for Health and Wellness entered the brand new, state-of-the-art facility on the Anschutz Medical Campus.

Renowned happiness scientist speaks to packed room on the psychology of happiness

Harvard Professor Daniel Gilbert talks about the science of happiness at CU Denver

DENVER (April 16, 2012) - University of Colorado Denver alumnus Daniel Gilbert, PhD, tickled, prodded and enlightened the collective "life simulators" -- frontal lobes -- of an audience as he explained the science of happiness.

Scientists find neural stem cell regulator

This microscopic image shows what a neural tube defect looks like

AURORA, Colo. (April 17, 2012) - Researchers at the University of Colorado School of Medicine have found that lack of a specific gene interrupts neural tube closure, a condition that can cause death or paralysis.

Middle school students compete during MESA Day

Middle school students compete during MESA Day

DENVER (April 17, 2011) - They're still in middle school, but among the 600 students who gathered on the Denver Campus on April 13 for MESA Day are our future mathematicians, engineers, scientists and 'thinkers.'

Faculty member elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Mark Johnston, PhD

AURORA, Colo. (April 17, 2012) - Mark Johnston studies yeast because it is a good model for human cells, and now he’s being recognized alongside some very elite company.

Honors bestowed on faculty who have served 25 years

Several faculty members pose with medalions they received for 25 years of service

DENVER (April 18, 2012) - Faculty members who have served 25 years at the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus were honored Tuesday evening at the home of Chancellor Don Elliman and his wife, Mary.

Professor honored for cystic fibrosis breakthrough

Frank Accurso, MD

AURORA, Colo. (April 18, 2012) – Frank Accurso, MD, with the CU School of Medicine and Children’s Hospital Colorado, has been honored by the Clinical Research Forum for his work in pioneering a genetically based treatment for cystic fibrosis.

Board of Regents praise Team Satori and Boots to Suits

UCD 6 performs the National Anthem at the Board of Regents meeting

DENVER (April 18, 2012) - The University of Colorado Board of Regents today praised the University of Colorado Denver's student group which won a national competition on energy-efficient buildings and the new Boots to Suits program.

Ridgway honored at Regents' meeting; tuition increase approved

Ridgway honored as Distinguished Professor

DENVER (April, 19, 2012) - After a lengthy discussion over tuition increase proposals, the University of Colorado Board of Regents today approved a modest tuition increase for students at the Denver Campus.

Earth Day 2012 at Anschutz Medical Campus

2012 Earth Day at Anschutz Medical Campus

AURORA, Colo. (April 19, 2011) – This year’s focus for the Earth Day observance at the Anschutz Medical Campus was a reflection of overall healthy lifestyles.

Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies symposium set for weekend

Human Touch peice at Redline

DENVER (April 19, 2012) - Social consciousness raising with local and global twists is at the center of the Second Annual Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies and Community Engagement Symposium taking place this weekend.

Milk thistle hits prostate cancer two ways

Milk Thistle

AURORA, Colo. (April 20, 2012) - A CU Cancer Center study recently published pinpoints the compounds derived from milk thistle that best kill cancer cells directly and restrict tumors' ability to gro

U.S. Senator Michael Bennet meets with CU Denver student leaders

U.S. Senator Michael Bennet meets with CU Denver student leaders

DENVER (April 20, 2012) – When a graduate leaves college in Colorado with a bachelor’s degree, he or she also leaves with about $23,000 in student loan debt.

CU Foundation hosts luncheon for Denver Campus faculty and staff

CU Foundation hosts luncheon for Denver Campus faculty and staff

DENVER (April 20, 2012) - Building partnerships was the message to faculty and staff at today's luncheon with the CU Foundation.

A mother’s journey through her son’s mental illness

Linda L. Hutchinson signing books

AURORA, Colo. (April 24, 2012) - Author Linda Hutchinson grew up expecting an ordinary. But her path led her to write “In My Petticoat: A Touch of Insanity.” She visited the Anschutz Medical Campus to discuss her book and visit her daughter Leenn Fields.

Record collection amount expected for RX Disposal Day

People drop off unused or expired medication at last year's drug disposal event

AURORA, Colo. (April 24, 2012) - The third annual RX Disposal event at the Anschutz Medical Campus is expected to bring in a record-setting ton of outdated, unused or expired medications.

2012 RaCAS is April 27

AURORA, Colo. (April 25, 2012) - All faculty, staff and students are invited to stop by Friday's Research and Creative Activities Symposium (RaCAS). This year's session is being held on the Anschutz Medical Campus in the Research 2 building.

New harvesting approach boosts energy output from bacteria

New harvesting approach boosts energy output from bacteria

DENVER (April 25, 2012) – A team of scientists from University of Colorado Denver has developed a novel energy system that increases the amount of energy harvested from microbial fuel cells (MFCs) by more than 70 times.

Comedian tells audience that humor is a form of intimacy

Comedian Cory Kahaney tells CU Denver audience "Funny Gets You Further"

DENVER (April 25, 2012) - Comedian Cory Kahaney shared many amusing anecdotes in her "Funny Gets You Further" presentation during today's Second Annual Feminist Happy Hour at the Tivoli Student Union.

Aurora Public Schools thanks the university for incredible support

Students shared their hands-on experience with medicine on mannequin patients

AURORA, Colo (April 26, 2012) - Leaders with Aurora Public Schools held a celebration to thank the university and other community businesses and partners for their support and engagement in impact programs.

Students work toward youth solutions at Young America event

Students participate in the White House Young America Series at CU Denver

DENVER (April 26, 2012) - College students from across Denver gathered at the University of Colorado Denver today to make their thoughts on education and other issues known to our nation's highest level of government.

Program presents possibilities for future healthcare careers

Students at the Health Professions Opportunity Day (hPod)

AURORA, Colo. (April 26, 2012) – Over the past nine years, middle and high school students, along with their parents, from across the area have been welcomed as part of The Health Professions Opportunity Day (hPod) on the Anschutz Medical Campus.

Lighting the way on heart attacks

Daylight may prevent problems, limit damage

AURORA, Colo. (April 27, 2012) - There are lots of ways to treat a heart attack – CPR, aspirin, clot-busters and more. Now CU medical school researchers have found a new candidate: Intense light.

Creativity and research take center stage at RaCAS

Dayton Goodell explains his research project at the RaCAS event at Anschutz Medical Campus

AURORA, Colo. (April 27, 2012) - The fourth joint Research and Creative Activities Symposium featured 110 student research projects across disciplines at today's University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus.

Denver Campus recognizes student leaders

Denver Campus recognizes student leaders

DENVER (April 27, 2012) - The Office of Student Life hosted an annual Denver Campus Student Leadership Banquet to recognize the great work that students do on our campus.

Combination therapy more effective in youth with type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes in adults and children is closely linked to being overweight

AURORA, Colo. (April 30, 2012) - A new study has found that a combination of two diabetes drugs, metformin and rosiglitazone, was more effective in treating youth with recent-onset type 2 diabetes than metformin alone.

Navy Surgeon General says Anschutz Medical Campus doing "amazing things"

Navy Surgeon General Matthew Nathan, right, hears about bladder cancer research from Dr. Dan Theodorescu

AURORA, Colo. (April 30, 2012) - The clinical, educational and research work being done at the Anschutz Medical Campus is "clearly putting this area on the map," Vice Admiral Matthew Nathan, Surgeon General of the U.S. Navy, said today.

Drug Disposal Day 2012

Prescription Drug Disposal Day 2012 at Anschutz Medical Campus

AURORA, Colo. (April 30, 2012) - They drove up, rode up on bicycles and walked to the Anschutz Medical Campus on Saturday to drop off unwanted and expired perscription medications.

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