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CAM Records introduces reloadable USB wristbands

USB wristbands

Delivery of music releases and multimedia content made easy

DENVER (Nov. 17, 2009) – Another innovative means of digital music distribution has arrived at the University of Colorado Denver. CAM Records, the record label from UC Denver’s College of Arts & Media, is introducing reloadable USB wristbands, unique in the college arena.

The colorful USB wristbands include an MP3 version of CAM Records’ latest CD release, "From These Words," as well as a track from two emerging Colorado bands which include current or former College of Arts & Media (CAM) students: Speakeasy Tiger and Glass Delirium. Regret Night is also featured. Also included is a trailer from a recent documentary film (created by UC Denver CAM Assistant Professor David Liban), and clips from a television miniseries (directed by UC Denver CAM Associate Professor Craig Volk). The wristbands are being sold by CAM Records students and at the Auraria Campus bookstore and can hold up to 1G (gigabyte) of multimedia content. The multi-purpose wristband can also be used by students as a portable storage device for other content.

The CAM Reload program, created by CAM Records, works in that anyone buying a wristband can, at subsequent campus events designated as "Reload Events,” bring their wristbands and have additional content loaded onto their wristband at no charge. The first Reload event is scheduled for early 2010 on the Auraria Campus.

“In the fall of 2008, we began work in earnest on this new project based on current trends, the decreasing demand for CDs in general, and the decreasing value proposition of compilations in particular,” said Storm Gloor, assistant professor of Music & Entertainment Industry Studies at CAM and faculty sponsor of CAM Records. “What we envisioned was not only a product that would include digital music projects, but other media formats as well. Moreover, I felt that we could transform it into a marketing piece too, offering an additional learning opportunity for our students.”

According to Gloor, the USB wristband release was based on three goals: 1) making digital music content available without having to set up a complete album or necessarily distribute through an online store; 2) the ability to include other media formats in the product; and 3) the ability to use the product as a marketing piece, particularly in regard to branding, by establishing an ongoing connection with consumers.

“Not only are the USB wristbands brand devices used to store multimedia, they serve a practical purpose in that students can store their class papers on them,” said Tiffany Chin, public relations director for CAM Records. “Students can upload the current content to their computers, then clear their wristband storage devices for new content. Artists’ work and/or information can be continually added to the wristband, essentially creating a living album.”

CAM USB wristbands are available for purchase from current CAM Records students, or at the Auraria Campus bookstore and online by visiting:

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