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Free Health Screenings At The Stock Show Have Saved Lives
For 8 years now volunteers from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus have set up a booth for free health screenings. They’ll check body mass index and blood glucose, vision and blood pressure.
CBS News1/20/2015
Refusing measles vaccine could put others at risk
Still, a University of Colorado at Denver researcher said that issue remains a concern. Children whose parents opt not to give them vaccines often come from higher-income families, whose mothers have more time and resources to make such decisions.
The Gazette1/19/2015
Mindset Key To Losing Weight, CU Doctor And ‘State Of Slim’ Author Says
Dr. Holly Wyatt, of CU’s Anschutz Health and Wellness Center in Aurora, has dedicated her life to better understanding weight loss — and our mindset around it. The co-author of “State of Slim” says the key to success is more mind over body.Wyatt says losing pounds is about mindset: “How you approach behavioral change is critically important for long-term success.”
CBS Denver1/16/2015
Opinion: New York fracking ban could fuel intensity of debate in Colorado
Many Coloradans involved in this issue take more polarized positions — including those who prefer to see it stopped completely and those who would like to see it expanded extensively, write Tanya Heikkila and Christopher Weible, associate professors at the School of Public Affairs, University of Colorado Denver.
Denver Post1/16/2015
Why Some Schools Have 'Cupcake Amnesty' and Others Have Cupcake Bans
James O. Hill, professor of pediatrics and medicine at the University of Colorado, applauded the idea of taking nutrition in schools more seriously but said he thinks cupcake bans go too far. “We have to have some common sense here. If your kid is physically active they can afford a cupcake now and then,” he said. Hill said he’s never seen a food ban work. Perhaps a middle ground where there are some limitations are best, he said.
ABC News1/15/2015
9 ways people are getting ahold of painkillers
Recently, we spoke with Dr. Patrick Fehling, an Addiction Psychiatrist on the faculty at the University of Colorado Hospital at the Center for Dependency, Addiction and Rehabilitation treatment center. He told us abuse numbers are high due to how easy it is for people to get ahold of prescription painkillers.
Report: Affordable Care hospitalization program shows uneven early returns
The readmissions result — less than one site in 10 significantly reduced them — “seems kind of wimpy,” said Eric Coleman, a University of Colorado professor whose previous work on care for discharged patients influenced the CCTP program. He said he remains optimistic about the tests, noting that the results are early. He praised HHS for cutting out nonperforming groups.
The Washington Post1/14/2015
Marijuana Health Research Skimpy, Colorado Doctors Conclude
Among the gaps the doctors identified was pot use by adults. Doctors have years of survey data on how schoolchildren use drugs including pot, but not much on how adults use pot. Dr. Laura Borgelt, a pharmacologist at the University of Colorado-Denver, pointed out that there’s little known about adults aged 18 to 25, people old enough to be out of the house but young enough to be trying pot for the first time.
CBS Denver1/12/2015
Denver's Philip Anschutz: biz magnate, and now Citizen of the West
When the foundation made a series of gifts totaling more than $91 million to the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, the Aurora complex was renamed the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. "That campus is his pride and joy," said CU president Bruce Benson. "He does so much that nobody knows about because he just wants this to be a better community. He has all the right philosophies and values."
Denver Post1/11/2015
Let’s talk seriously about why cyclists break traffic laws
Wesley Marshall, an assistant professor of civil engineering at the University of Colorado at Denver, suspects, though, that many drivers may not understand this thought process — that seemingly bad biking behavior is sometimes an act of self-defense.
The Washington Post1/9/2015
Denver, Adams County neighbors near end of airport development talks
"Housing at different prices should be complemented by urban design, a mix of uses, appropriate densities, transit service, walking and biking infrastructure, and parking management policies that allow both residents and workers travel choices for work and non-work needs," said Carrie Makarewicz, an assistant professor of planning and design at the University of Colorado Denver.
Denver Post1/5/2015
Tooth Decay Detected by Laser and Light Systems
When a machine finds early decay, before agreeing to go under the drill, patients should ask the dentist if the tooth decay can be reversed, says Clifton M. Carey, a professor at University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine at Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colo.
Wall Street Journal1/5/2015
CU Denver architecture students design homes for disabled
University of Colorado Denver architecture students are learning to design homes with disabled veterans and their service dogs in mind. Students in the Master of Architecture program in the College of Architecture and Planning spent the fall semester designing innovative, energy efficient residences to accommodate disabled veterans and their service dogs working collaboratively on daily tasks.
North Denver News12/12/2014
Is Sugar, Not Salt, High BP Culprit?
Robert H. Eckel, MD, who co-chaired the AHA/ACC guidelines writing panel said they were both evidence-based and well founded. Eckel is a professor of medicine at the University of Colorado Denver and a spokesman for the American Heart Association.
MedPage Today12/12/2014
How Secondhand Smoke Risks Your Heart Health
With that in mind, consider that tobacco use is the top preventable cause of death among Americans, the CDC says. That’s true whether you smoke, or are exposed to secondhand smoke because you live or work with smokers, says R. William Vandivier, MD, a pulmonologist at the University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora.
Everyday Health12/11/2014
The Leanest State
James O. Hill, PhD, executive director of the University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center talks with KOA radio's afternoon news hosts about Colorado again being ranked the least obese state.
NFL Owners Approve New Personal Conduct Policy
Barbara Paradiso, director of the Center on Domestic Violence at University of Colorado Denver, also welcomed the changes, saying, “I applaud the NFL for taking this seriously and moving the discussion into policy and for developing a process that’s very transparent.”
Wall Street Journal12/10/2014
New Wonderbound dance production offers tastes and scents of winter
While additional sensory inputs can lead to heightened awareness in the brain, the outcome really depends on the individual immersed in the experience, says Dr. Sruthi Thomas, a medical resident at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.
Colorado Public Radio12/9/2014
Short on time? Here's how to get in a good workout fast.
High-intensity interval training has become very popular, and for good reason, says Beth Anne Fisher, a physical therapist with the School of Medicine at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus and a certified strength and conditioning specialist.
Denver Post12/9/2014
Slide Show: On the Wing
Alongside many other works—an image of artificial goldfinches perched on a real branch, a realistic bird sculpture built from common drug-store products (fake nails and eyelashes, iridescent hair clips)—hang a series of photographs by Joann Brennan, a professor and associate dean at the University of Colorado at Denver.
The New Yorker12/8/2014