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University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus

University of Colorado Denver, Newsroom

H1N1 (Swine) Flu Expert List

Who media professionals can contact for H1N1 flu information

For interviews, please call the CU Denver news media 24 hour on call pager number: 303-266-2608.

University of Colorado Denver/University of Colorado Hospital H1N1 Influenza Experts: 

Thomas Campbell, MD, interim head, division of infectious diseases, University of Colorado Denver; expert on prevention and treatment

Steve Johnson, MD, infectious diseases clinic director; expert on prevention and treatment

Michelle Barron, MD, University of Colorado Hospital, medical director, infection control; expert on influenza and infection prevention

Edward Janoff, MD, professor of medicine and microbiology; director, Mucosal and Vaccine Research Center; infectious diseases division; expert on clinical disease, vaccine development, and some public health issues

Theodore Eickhoff, MD, professor emeritus, division of infectious disease; expert on epidemiology, clinical disease, prevention and mitigation, vaccine, and anti-viral drugs

Jose Castillo-Mancilla, MD, infectious diseases division; expert on prevention

Charles Little, DO, emergency medicine; University of Colorado Hospital pandemic taskforce coordinator

Kathryn Holmes, PhD, professor of microbiology; expert on human and animal viruses

Loren Cobb, PhD, mathematical and statistical sciences; expert on a new and potentially revolutionary method of epidemic tracking and forecasting

Adriana Weinberg, MD, professor of pediatrics, medicine and pathology; medical director of the clinical virology and molecular laboratories, University of Colorado Hospital; expert on clinical virology

John E. Hokanson, PhD, chair of the department of epidemiology, Colorado School of Public Health; expert on public health and epidemiologic disease surveillance